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PenDelfin Rabbit Pleated Skirt Margot Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

Rare Fully Pleated Skirt PenDelfin Rabbit Margot For Sale

A recent addition to our Perfect Pieces PenDelfin Rabbit For Sale section is this lovely and very desirable fully pleated skirt version of the PenDelfin Margot rabbit.

PenDelfin Rabbit Pleated Skirt Margot Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

PenDelfin Rabbit Pleated Skirt Margot Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

This is the very early and rare version of the Margot rabbit with the fully pleated skirt, which was only made by the PenDelfin Studios from c1956-1957. Click here to see more picture and full details of this rare PenDelfin rabbit.

We have a wide range of collectable PenDelfin rabbits for sale. Beat the rush and don’t leave your Christmas shopping too late!

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Musical PenDelfin Rabbits – For Sale

Within the PenDelfin section on PerfectPieces.co.uk we have a wide range of musical PenDelfin rabbits for sale including a lovely early pink PenDelfin Margot rabbit with very early PenDelfin gold rectangular PenDelfin label to her base. The PenDelfin Margot was originally designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and is an early PenDelfin rabbit who would have been around when the first version of the PenDelfin Bandstand was produced.

Retired PenDelfin Margot rabbit, Jean Walmsley Heap

We also have a desirable blue PenDelfin Rosa rabbit. This is more unusual as this example is wearing a blue skirt which is not commonly seen on the Rosa PenDelfin rabbit:

PenDelfin Rosa rabbit, Jean Walmsley Heap

Other musical PenDelfin rabbits for sale include a lovely PenDelfin Maud, the amusing PenDelfin Busker rabbit, the early PenDelfin Phumf rabbit designed by Doreen Noel Roberts and the adorable singer, PenDelfin Solo!

If you’re looking to buy PenDelfin rabbits then do keep checking back as our stock is always changing. If we can be of any help then do please get in touch.

Musical PenDelfin Rabbits – A PenDelfin Band To Sing About!

If you’re looking to add some music to your PenDelfin collection then see our PenDelfin band below which includes all retired PenDelfin Rabbits!

PenDelfin Bandstand - Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Rosa Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Margot Rabbit - Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Bongo Rabbit - Jean Walmsley Heap Retired PenDelfin Squeezy Rabbit - Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Jingle Rabbit  - Doreen Noel ROberts

PenDelfin Bandstand, PenDelfin Rosa, PenDelfin Margot, PenDelfin Bongo, PenDelfin Squeezy & PenDelfin Jingle

To start a band off you need somewhere for your rabbits to practice – so why not take a look at our PenDelfin bandstand? Designed by Jean Walmsley Heap the PenDelfin Bandstand can hold at least 7 rabbits comfortably all ready to start practising their musical instruments. Click here for more pictures and info…

The PenDelfin Rosa rabbit is a lovely singing rabbit – this Rosa is dressed in a pink dress. She was designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and only made for a few years by the PenDelfin pottery, from 1982-1984. Click here for more info & pictures…

The PenDelfin Margot rabbit is a very early PenDelfin rabbit designed by Jean Walmsley Heap. PenDelfin Margot dates from 1957-1967 and is a simple little rabbit standing singing with her hands clasped at her front. This example of Margot has an early collectible rectangular label to her base. Click here for more pictures & info…

The PenDelfin Bongo rabbit is a very popular PenDelfin band member. Designed by Jean Walmsley Heap he sits happily banging away on his drum! His suit comes in many colours, we have a blue version and a red version. Click here for more pictures…

The PenDelfin Squeezy is another really early retired PenDelfin rabbit. He was produced by Jean Walmsley Heap and only produced by the PenDelfin Pottery from 1960 – 1970. He stands happily playing his instrument, this example is wearing blue trousers. Click here for more pictures…

Finally, the last PenDelfin rabbit pictured above is the PenDelfin Jingle rabbit. He is a little rabbit designed by Doreen Noel Roberts and stands holding is bell which he is happily ringing. Click here for more Jingle pictures…

This is only a small selection of the PenDelfin rabbits we currently have for sale and of the musical rabbits you can collect for your Bandstand. We currently have mostly retired PenDelfin rabbits, many PenDelfin Family Circle Club rabbits and collectable PenDelfin display stands.

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Rare Lilac PenDelfin Margot Rabbit With Early PenDelfin Label

New to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin rabbit section is this superb and very collectable PenDelfin Margot rabbit wearing a lilac coloured skirt:

This PenDelfin Margot is the straight skirt version. On her base she also has the very early and desirable gilt rectangular PenDelfin label only used by the pottery from around 1958 until c1970.  (Click here for further pictures of her).

We have added several other PenDelfin rabbits to our website including a PenDelfin Scout rabbit and a PenDelfin Jacky rabbit.

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PenDelfin Father Mouse, PenDelfin Shiner & PenDelfin Margot with old PenDelfin Labels

We have just added three new PenDelfin rabbits & one PenDelfin Mouse to our PenDelfin Rabbit section! These include the collectable and adorable PenDelfin Father Mouse and PenDelfin rabbit Shiner! Our PenDelfin Shiner even has the old and desirable PenDelfin rectangular label, a really nice feature.

All of these PenDelfin rabbits – Father Mouse, Shiner, Margot, and the Twins were designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and where introduced around the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. Shiner and Father Mouse were only made for a short time and were both retired from production by the late 1960’s so they’re pieces you don’t often come across, especially in nice condition.

Both our new PenDelfin Shiner and PenDelfin Margot have the old rectangular PenDelfin Stonecraft pottery label. This PenDelfin label is believed to only have been used by the pottery form c1958 until 1970.

To see more pictures of all of these PenDelfin rabbits and to view the other PenDelfin rabbits, PenDelfin Mice & PenDelfin Books we currently have available, please – click here, and remember if you have any questions or are looking for a particular piece of PenDelfin don’t hesitate to contact us.