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PenDelfin Family Circle Memorabilia – PenDelfin Club Collectables For Sale

When the PenDelfin Studios launched the PenDelfin Family Circle in 1993, it was a big hit with collectors (including myself). Along with many other members, I enjoyed receiving the regular newsletters, which were packed with information about members-only PenDelfin rabbits, special Family Circle club events and other PenDelfin news, as well as information about fellor collectors.

Sadly the PenDelfin collectors club has now closed. However,  if you’ve missed out on any of the Family Circle rabbits, or any of the PenDelfin Newsletters, then take a look at our PenDelfin Family Circle category where you’ll see a range of PenDelfin club pieces, newsletters and old brochures for sale.

Here is a small selection showing a 1998 PenDelfin application form, the free gift you obtained when you joined that year (which was the PenDelfin rabbit Tidypatch) and the special PenDelfin Model Of The Year rabbit that was only available to purchase if you were a club member. In 1998 the PenDelfin Model Of The Year was Gramps, a fantastic rabbit with neck scarf, hat and wheelbarrow!

PenDelfin Family Circle Application Form 1998

PenDelfin Family Circle Application Form 1998 – Featuring PenDelfin Tidypatch & PenDelfin Gramps

1998 Pendelfin Family Circle Rabbit Tidypatch, Doreen Noel Roberts

1998 Pendelfin Family Circle Rabbit Tidypatch Designed by Doreen Noel Roberts

1998 PenDelfin Model Of The Year Gramps, Jean Walmsley Heap

1998 PenDelfin Model Of The Year Gramps Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

Buy PenDelfin Family Circle Brochures & Newsletters

If you’re looking to buy PenDelfin pamphlets and brochures related to the PenDelfin Family Circle collectors club then be sure to visit the PenDelfin Rabbits section on PerfectPieces.co.uk.

We have recently expanded this section to include old leaflets, PenDelfin application forms and PenDelfin Times newsletters from the PenDelfin Family Circle club.

PenDelfin Times - PenDelfin Family Circle Brochure PenDelfin Borchure - PenDelfin Family Circle 1996

The PenDelfin Family Circle collectors club was first started back in 1992 and became a huge hit with PenDelfin collectors. Each year Family Circle members got a free club rabbit and were entitled to purchase an exclusive piece only available to members of the PenDelfin club. Throughout the year club members would also receive the PenDelfin Times which included all sorts of information on new PenDelfin models to be released, PenDelfin rabbits that were due to be retired, old photographs and letters from other members as well as details of Family Circle events happening that year throughout the UK & overseas.  It has now been reported that the PenDelfin Family Circle club is due to close in March 2013 – the end of an era.

You can read more about the PenDelfin history and the PenDelfin collectors club in our History Of PenDelfin Rabbits page – click here.

To view PenDelfin Family Circle club memorabilia for sale – CLICK HERE




End Of An Era – PenDelfin Family Circle Collectors Club To Close

The PenDelfin Family Circle collectors club is to close in March 2013, according to an announcement on the PenDelfin website.

The decision means that the Family Circle’s twentieth birthday will be its last. To mark the occasion, PenDelfin’s owner Xystos is promising that this year’s Model of the Year and Membership Gift will be something special, as will a number of new models that will be introduced this year.

The question now remains what is happening to PenDelfin as a whole? Since PenDelfin was taken over collectors have seen production of the popular bunny rabbits moved from its home in Burnley and now we have the closure of the collectors Family Circle club. Only time will tell what will happen next to this once very loveable collectable.

You can read the full PenDelfin Family Circle closure announcement on xystos.co.uk.

Are you a PenDelfin collector? Do you buy recent new models or only retired ‘old’ PenDelfin? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

For Sale – Retired & Early PenDelfin Rabbits For Christmas

If you’ve started to think about Christmas presents then why not take a look in the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin Rabbit section?

We have recently added several more retired and collectible PenDelfin pieces including the popular and desirable PenDelfin Christmas Scene and the very cute and adorable PenDelfin Bath Tub to name a couple:

PenDelfin Christmas Scene and retired PenDelfin Bath Tub

Both these particular PenDelfin pieces where designed by Doreen Noel Roberts and have long since been retired from production. The PenDelfin Christmas Scene was originally only made in a limited number of 2000 in c1985-1986, whilst the PenDelfin Bath Tub was produced by PenDelfin many years ago in 1967 until only 1975.

We currently have a wide range of PenDelfin rabbits for sale including many early and retired PenDelfin pieces, PenDelfin display stands including the PenDelfin Wishing Well and many PenDelfin Family Circle club collector rabbits.

CLICK HERE To view our full selection of PenDelfin Rabbits FOR SALE

PenDelfin Family Circle Rabbit Newsie – For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin rabbit section is this adorable PenDelfin Family Circle club rabbit called Newsie:

The PenDelfin rabbit Newsie was designed by Doreen Noel Rabbits and was produced only for members of the PenDelfin Family Circle club – the PenDelfin collectors’ club. He was originally the PenDelfin Family Circle club gift and was only available to new members in 1996.

His scroll has the red badge found on PenDelfin Family Circle rabbits and his PenDelfin label underneath is the PenDelfin Family Circle version. The PenDelfin Family Circle is still running for any collector’s who want to join, so this Newsie makes a perfect gift for someone who joined the club later on and doesn’t have this early membership piece!

View our full selection of PenDelfin rabbits – CLICK HERE

PenDelfin Family Circle Collector’s Club Rabbits For Sale!

We have added a new selection of PenDelfin Family Circle club rabbits to the Perfect Pieces website. These include Wigs, Raphael, Peggy, Little Hero, Tidypatch, Tom & Buttons!

All these PenDelfin rabbits were membership pieces issued to members of the PenDelfin Family Circle collector’s club between 1994 and 2004.

We are constantly adding new PenDelfin rabbits to the Perfect Pieces website so if you’re looking for a specific PenDelfin rabbit then don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can help.

Click here to visit our PenDelfin Rabbits section.

PenDelfin Family Circle Pieces Perfect For Christmas Presents

If you’ve got to buy a present for an avid PenDelfin collector who missed out on being a member of the PenDelfin Family Circle collectors club for the first few years then you should definitely check out our PenDelfin rabbit section where we have a wide range of PenDelfin club pieces available.

Originally started in 1993 the PenDelfin Family Circle was set up for PenDelfin enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy the collectable bunnies and meet fellow collectors. When joining the PenDelfin club you receive the PenDelfin figure gift piece – Herald in the first year 1993, and are also able to purchase the PenDelfin Club Model Of The Year – Bosun in the founder year (both pictured below).

We have both the PenDelfin Club founder year pieces currently in stock, and they both have their original PenDelfin boxes – a bonus for PenDelfin enthusiasts – and are in excellent condition. REMEMBER…ALL OUR PENDELFIN PRICES CURRENTLY INCLUDE FREE UK POSTAGE & packaging!

Click here to view our PenDelfin Family Circle Member Rabbits

PenDelfin Family Circle Collectors Club Rabbits

The PenDelfin Family Circle has been going since 1992 offering collectors of PenDelfin rabbits a home they could call their own!

Each year the PenDelfin club issues a membership gift – a rabbit especially for members of the club  and also a model of the year – another rabbit specially for the Family Circle that members are able to purchase throughout that year of membership.

If you missed out being a member of the club since it started then you should check out our PenDelfin rabbit section as we have a specialist section of PenDelfin Family Circle rabbits.

New additions to this section include the PenDelfin Family Circle Founder member pieces, Herald and Bosun in their original boxes.

The PenDelfin Herald was designed by PenDelfin founder herself Jean Walmsley Heap and Bosun was designed by Doreen Noel Roberts. These were available to PenDelfin club members only in the first year of the club, c1992.

Click here to view all the PenDelfin rabbits we currently have for sale

PenDelfin Rabbit Family Circle Collectors Club

If you are a PenDelfin rabbit collector then you might be interested to learn more about the PenDelfin Family Circle – the original, official club for PenDelfin collectors.

Originally started back in 1992 the PenDelfin Family Circle is reported to have over 7000 members now – made up of all sorts of PenDelfin enthusiasts be it current PenDelfin rabbit collectors or the collectors of the earlyPenDelfin rabbits .

With your Family Circle membership you receive a Membership Gift PenDelfin rabbit only available to those who join the club and then have the further opportunity to purchase the Model Of The Year – once again only available to Family Circle club members.

As you would expect previous club pieces have become very collectable especially with those just starting out in the club and wanting to collect the whole range of previous Family Circle rabbits.

To view our current collection of PenDelfin Family Circle pieces please see our PenDelfin rabbits section – here. In our current stock we have the 1996 Membership Gift Newsie and the 1997 Membership Gift Tom (both pictured below).

For further information on the PenDelfin Family Circle, please visit PenDelfin’s website.

PenDelfin Rabbit Family Circle Figurines

The PenDelfin Family Circle was created by PenDelfin in 1992 and became the very popular club for PenDelfin Rabbit collectors all over the World.

Whilst being a member of the PenDelfin Family Circle you can buy exclusive PenDelfin rabbits and are kept up to date with new and retiring PenDelfin rabbits through the PenDelfin Times, a newsletter that is sent out throughout the year. To read more about the PenDelfin Family Circle please see the official PenDelfin website.

We currently have a number of PenDelfin Family Circle rabbits for sale including PenDelfin Newsie and PenDelfin Tom, pictured below.

PenDelfin Family Circle Newsie rabbit was the Family Circle club piece in 1996 only and holds a scroll and red seal to signify this and showing the year of the club. Newsie was designed by well-know PenDelfin designer Doreen Noel Roberts.

The PenDelfin Family Circle Tom was the club piece the following year in 1997 only. He was designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and similarly holds a board with the red seal showing the year of the PenDelfin club.

Both these pieces have the special PenDelfin Family Circle artist palette labels to their bases.

To view more information and pictures for these two PenDelfin rabbits please – click here.