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Christmas Gift Ideas From Perfect Pieces

Here are some superb ideas for Christmas Gifts from Perfect Pieces:

Maling Harlequin Basket Carlton Ware Delphinium Vase Denby Glyn Colledge Bowl Corgi OOC OM41109 Diecast model double decker bus PenDelfin Rabbit Herald - Family Circle Member Rabbit

Maling Pottery harlequin basket, Carlton Ware Delphinium vase, Denby Glyn Ware bowl, Boxed Corgi OOC model bus, PenDelfin Family Circle Herald rabbit.

The Maling Harlequin basket is Maling pattern 6605 and is a stunning piece with the harlequin design picked out in contrasting colours – click here.

The Carlton Ware vase next is a superb vase with the vivid blue delphinium flowers. It is Carlton Ware pattern number 3273 and is a Carlton Ware Handcraft range piece dating c1929-1939 – click here.

The Denby pottery bowl is from the Glyn Ware range and the pattern is picked out with vivid turquoise leaves. This dish has the Glyn Colledge signature mark underneath – click here.

The boxed Corgi OOC model bus is a lovely model for toy collectors or railway enthusiasts. It is a 1:76 scale model which is equivalent to the OO gauge railway models, is boxed and comes in a limited edition of only 2500 – click here.

The final piece pictured above is an adorable PenDelfin rabbit Herald. He was designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and was the piece for the founder year of the PenDelfin club, quite a collector’s piece – click here.

An easy way to shop on PerfectPieces.co.uk is to view our ALL STOCK PAGE – this page displays every piece we currently have for sale so you’re able to glance down the images and see if anything catches your eye!

CLICK HERE – To view all peices currently available on Perfect Pieces

CORGI Original Onimbus OOC OM41410 Doncaster Transport Roe Motorbus – For Sale

Another addition to the Perfect Pieces Toys & Models – Diecast Buses And Trains section is this superb 1:76 scale Corgi Doncaster Transport model motorbus, the OM41410:

Corgi OOC Original Omnibus Model Motor bus, OM41410

This model double deck bus is a limited edition Corgi OOC Original Omnibus Company model motorbus, model number OM41410. It is a 1:76 scale bus which is the same as OO gauge railway models – so perfect for a railway enthusiast as well!

This Corgi model double deck bus was only made in a limited of 1000 and comes still in its original presentation box with limited edition certificate – this is number 451.

This Doncaster Transport bus is travelling on route 183 Weston Road And Clay Lane and has registration plate 583 HDT.

View our full selection of Corgi model buses and trams – CLICK HERE

Corgi OOC Original Omnibus Company East Yorks Motor Services OM41215 Model 1:76 Bus – For Sale

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Diescast Model Buses & Trains section is this modern East Yorkshire Motor Services diecast 1:76 scale model OM41215 bus:

This is a Corgi OOC Original Omnibus Company model OM41215 limited edition double deck bus in its original presentation box. It is a super model perfect for a collector of 1:76 scale models, OO gauge railway enthusiasts, model bus collectors or indeed anyone collecting memorabilia relating to Yorkshire!

This double decker bus is a Wright Eclipse Gemini Yorkshire Motor Services bus on route 105 to Cottingham The Lawns.

We have a wide range of model buses & trams in our Toys & Models section including more Corgi OOC models, other 1:76 scale models and other diecast models.

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Corgi OOC London Transport Trolleybus OM43709

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Toys & Models section is this superb Corgi OOC diecast model trolleybus:

Corgi OOC OM43709, London Transport Q1 Trolley Bus

This is a Corgi Original Omnibus Company limited edition model trolleybus in its original presentation box. This model was produced in a production run of 1400 – this particular one is number 3! It is a 1:76 scale OO gauge trolley bus with its original certificate.

This model is a London Transport trolleybus on route number 607 to Hanwell Broadway. On one side of the bus it is advertising Ty-Phoo Tea!

So, if you’re a collector of Corgi, diecast models, 1:76 scale models or are constructing a railway model world why not visit our Toys & Models section and see if anything takes your fancy?

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