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Perfect Pieces Denby Pottery Newsletter – Out Now!


This month we take a look at Denby Pottery and the Denby Pottery Visitor Centre in Derbyshire where we paid a visit a few weeks ago.

We also take a look at a few pieces of new stock from the last month including a lovely Troika Pottery Chimney vase and some interesting pieces of PenDelfin including a PenDelfin Collectors book signed by Jean Walmsley Heap herself!

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Perfect Pieces February Newsletter – Out Now!

The latest Perfect Pieces newsletter is out now.

Following a recent visit to Bruges we take a look at Antique shops in Europe as well as up and coming Antique Fairs in the UK.

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Perfect Pieces Newsletter Out Now!

The latest Perfect Pieces newsletter is out now. This is our last newsletter of 2010!

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With the heavy snow still falling there’s no better time to do some Internet shopping! There are a few weeks until Christmas so you’re still in time for us to ship your chosen item to you. All our items go via a signed-for postal service to ensure they arrive safe & sound!

Remember, if you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for then simply get in touch to see if we can help.

Perfect Pieces August 2010 Newsletter – OUT NOW!

We’ve just sent out the latest Perfect Pieces Newsletter. This month we detail a few new and interesting items of stock we have recently added to the Perfect Pieces site and also look at some of the Antique & Collectors fairs that are scheduled for the next month.

Summer antique fairs can often be very pleasant to wander around – the good sunny dry weather (well hopefully!) entice visitors and traders to fairs often making them bustling events.

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Perfect Pieces Latest Newsletter – Out Now!

The latest Perfect Pieces newsletter is now out!

Following a trip to Northumberland we thought we’d tell you all about a real British pottery we discovered and have come to like very much – Errington Reay.

Based in Bardon Mill in Northumberland the Errington Reay pottery was originally founded in back in 1878. Today it offers a wide range of  very attractive traditionally-made garden wares – something a little different to the standard terracotta garden pots you see everywhere!

To read more about this interesting pottery then why not take a look at our current newsletter – click here.

Perfect Pieces Newsletter – Identifying Pottery Marks OUT NOW!

We have just published another Perfect Pieces Newsletter – Identifying Pottery Marks – Where To Start? So why not take a look at it?

This edition looks into British Pottery Marks and how to go about identifying what you might have. With examples of a few pottery marks and suggestions on further reading if you’re interested in knowing more about British Pottery Marks it’s certainly worth a read.

Our newsletters can cover anything from helpful guides, to new stock, to a look at the different potteries from around the UK.

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Perfect Pieces Monthly Newsletter

We’ve just published our October Newsletter. This month we look at one of the major UK Antique fairs that happens several times a year – the infamous Newark International Antique Fair.

Our newsletter is issued each month and covers a wide range of topics including interesting new stock, antique fairs we may have visited and articles taking a closer look at a particular British pottery or designer.

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Tubes and Charlotte Rhead

You may have seen our June Newsletter detailing the work of Charlotte Rhead and how she became a master of tube-lining. You’ll be familiar with the style – patterns are outlined using liquid clay, as we described in the Newsletter “rather like icing a cake”!

To illustrate her technique I’ve included some that are currently on eBay. You can always find examples of her work here and sometime some real gems come up for auction!

As with all pottery designers Charlotte Rhead designed many patterns some more collectable than others. It isn’t just the pattern that can affect an items value though, its shape and also pottery mark can play an important role. If at all posssible I’d always suggest trying to obtain pieces that have her signature mark on the base – some pieces even though they are Charlotte Rhead patterns don’t have this.

Always, be sure to check the piece over so you’re confident about it’s condition and are aware of any faults it may have before you purchase. With eBay always feel free to ask the seller questions about the item before you bid. If a seller is unhelpful or doesn’t answer be weiry about bidding, while there are lots of decent sellers on eBay there are also some roque traders.

April’s Newsletter – A Smattering of Rare PenDelfin

April’s newsletter has just gone live on the main site – follow the link on the menu bar above or click here to read about some rare Pendelfin we’ve recently acquired and to get another chance to see our illustrated guide to packaging pottery. We also take a brief look at two potteries which both ceased to exist as we know them last year – Pendelfin & Poole Pottery.

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