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Antiques Info Moorcroft Feature

The main ceramics feature in the current (July/August) edition of Antiques Info magazine is the work of Roland Head, who’s the lesser half of Perfect Pieces!

The article focuses mostly on the work of William Moorcroft and the ongoing strength of the top end of the Moorcroft market. The folks at Antiques Info have dug deep into their archives and produced a great set of auction results and pictures of good quality Moorcroft – it’s well worth a look if you’re interested in one of the UK’s most successful and popular potteries (and one that’s still going strong today).

The July/August edition of the magazine is on the newstands now.

Moorcroft Pomegranate

There is a niceĀ piece of Moorcroft PomegranateĀ on eBay – a rather nice and attractive shape, with looped handles at the top of a fluted vase. Not only does it have a stunning pattern on the outside of the vase, but the inner rim has also been carefully decorated.

Moorcroft is a quality pottery still operating today. The original pieces offer a glimpse into the past at the remarkable skills and imagination of the designers and modellers. Very rarely nowadays do we equal such imagination I think.

Once again this eBay seller has included plenty of photographs and also indicates that the vase does have crazing and some restoration. It’s always good to be sure about the condition of items on eBay not everybody’s idea of perfect is the same! If you’re unsure there’s no harm in emailing the seller to verify an item’s condition and ask for further photographs, I’d always recommend it.