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Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas from Perfect Pieces!

If you really have left it this late to find a Christmas present then you’ll need to be sharpish in your choosing!

It’s still not too late to order from Perfect Pieces, but tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd December 2009, is the last day that Royal Mail guarantee Special Delivery services before Christmas.

So if you’re after a Christmas gift then why not take a look at a few of the images below to give you some ideas. Items range in price and style so there’s bound to be something of interest.

If you see anything you fancy just click on the image and you’ll then be taken to the more information page where you can view further information and see more pictures of the item.


Gift Ideas For Children or even Carlton Ware Collectors!

If you are looking for a Christmas present for a young child or even for a Carlton Ware collector then the Carlton Ware pottery novelty money boxes are certainly worth considering.

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe is a fantastic example from this range of money banks with the actually money box moulded into the shape of a boot. On the front the design features a house (in the shape of the boot) with lots of little people standing at the windows and waving.

This money bank is brightly coloured and stands approximately 13cm tall (not quite as big as a real boot!). Currently all our Carlton Ware pottery prices include FREE UK POSTAGE & PACKAGING so be sure to order in plenty of time for Christmas!

Click here to view our current selection of Carlton Ware Novelty Money Boxes

Novelty Carlton Ware Money Boxes For Sale

The latest additions to the Perfect Pieces Carlton Ware section are these great Carlton Ware pottery novelty money boxes.

The Carlton Ware pottery produced a whole range of these novelty money banks in varying colours and shapes. Pictured above are:

The Scots Guardsman, Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe, the Frog, the Clown and the Horse.

Each of these Carlton Ware money banks have the Carlton Ware script pottery mark and are all in very good condition. They would make a fantastic Christmas present for a collector or even to a child!

Rememberall our Carlton Ware prices currently include FREE UK Postage & Packaging!

Click here to visit the Carlton Ware section and view these fantastic money boxes

Retro Carlton Ware Money Boxes

It’s always difficult to come up with ideas for presents for little ones or indeed for adults with Retro styles – so what better than one of the money boxes from the range of retro money banks that Carlton Ware produced around the 1970’s?

With their vibrant colours and wacky designs these money boxes are a perfect gift. This particular one has been decorated with the Noah’s ark pattern in a vibrant blue colour. It bears the Carlton Ware script pottery mark on its base and has a clear plastic stopper in its base (to stop those pennies from escaping!).

To view our full range of Carlton Ware items including this Carlton Ware Money Bank, please – click here.

Looking for a Retro Gift? Check out this Carlton Ware Money Box

If you’re looking for a retro gift or maybe collect Retro items or simply collect money boxes then you should definitely check out the Carlton Ware pottery Noah’s Ark retro money box we have just added to our Carltonware pottery section.

The Carlton Ware pottery produced a whole range of novelty retro money banks decorated in bright and vivid colours. The range included a Train, Cat, Owl and Noah’s Ark to name just a few – this particular money box is Noah’s Ark and has been decorated in blue. It shows three animals, a lion, giraffe and elephant looking out of the windows on Noah’s Ark!

On its base it has its plastic stopper (so all your money can’t fall out!) and the Carlton Ware pottery script pottery mark. These date from the 1970’s and are really fantastic in design and decoration.

To see further images of this Carlton Ware money bank – click here, and please do not hesitate to contact us is you require any further information about this piece or are looking for another piece of Carlton ware pottery.