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Unusual Maling 6605 Harlequin Pattern Basket Vase – For Sale

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Maling section is this stunning and unusual Maling Harlequin pattern basket vase:

Maling Pottery 6605 – Halequin Pattern Pottery Basket

This Maling pottery basket has been decorated in unusual Maling pattern number 6605 – the Harlequin hand traced rose pattern. This pattern was introduced in c1959 and is a very striking and bold design, very different from the more common Maling floral designs. Inside it has been decorated with the lovely Maling pearlescent pink lustre a lovely feature.

On its base this Maling vase has all the correct markings – the Maling pottery castle pottery stamp, the pattern code 6605 and the decorator mark of Peggy Boustead who decorated at the Maling pottery from c1949 until 1963.

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Looking For A Something Different – Maling Pottery A Fantastic Choice

We currently have a nice selection of Maling pottery if you are looking for a more unusual Christmas present.

Newcastle-based Maling pottery produced some fine decorative lustre ware from the 1920s onwards with detailed patterning and fine gilding the patterns really do display well and highlight the amount of work that would have gone into producing each piece.

We currently have a rather nice Maling Peony Rose pattern oval bowl. This piece of Maling was designed in the 1950s and has the recognisable pink lustre thumb-print patterning over the body of the bowl. With fine rose detailing and a gilded rim it really is a super bowl.

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An Unusual Piece of Art Deco Maling

The Newcastle based Maling pottery produced some fine examples of pottery including some stunning lustre ware pieces decorated with exotic birds and windmills to name but a few. I have however just spotted a piece on eBay, it’s an example of real Art Deco styling. Decorated with pattern number 5495 this trumpet shape vase dates c1930-1932.

This example does have some stained crazing shown in the photographs by the seller, it’s obviously been used at some point in time! It might be wise to verify the condition with the seller before bidding, but it certianly would make an unsual addition to a Maling collection.

It’s definitely a vase that would stand out in the crowd!

Maling Pottery Revisited – Great Photos

I recently came across these photos of the Maling Ford B Pottery on the excellent “Photographs of Newcastle” blog.

Maling’s Ford B pottery was established in 1878 – and was one of the largest, most modern potteries in the UK. Highly mechanised for its time, it provided relatively good working conditions for its workers at a time when this was rarely an employer’s top priority.

C. T. Maling invested more than £100,000 in the Ford B Pottery – a sizeable sum in 1878 – and it dwarfed its predecessor, the nearby Ford A Pottery. Ford B had 10 kilns, employed over 1,000 ‘hands’ and was completely self sufficient – from flint mill to onsite railway sidings. The Ford B site was to remain Maling’s home until the company closed in 1963 – by this time under the ownership of Hoults, a furniture removals company.

Today, the buildings still stand and indeed still bear the Hoults name – It’s interesting to see that Hoults still operate the site, which looks relatively unchanged and benefits from what is probably a very valuable location near Newcastle’s city centre.