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End Of An Era – Collect it! No More…

If you subscribe to Collect It! magazine or take a trip out to buy it each month then you may have noticed that in the letter from the editor Jean Hodge in this month’s issue, December 2010, we’re all informed it will be the last edition of the popular magazine.

There aren’t many antiques and collectors magazines on the market nowadays so it’s a great shame that Collect It! will be no more after Christmas.

As more and more people turn to the Internet for information and to join collectors clubs and talk on forums quite understandably the operating and printing costs of magazines can sometimes be very costly. It makes you wonder if more magazines will follow the same route as demand for reading actual newspapers and magazine – sometimes referred to as old fashioned pastimes – decreases.

If you have any comments on the magazines you read, how they could be improved or your thoughts on the general attitude towards magazine reading then be sure to leave a comment below.

Antiques Info Magazine – Out Now!

The September/October 2009 edition of Antiques Info magazine is now out in shops.

Among the articles in this edition of the magazine is another 20th Century feature article from Roland Head.

This time Roland looks at the fabulous work of the famous English art potters – the Martin Brothers. In the article Roland examines the work of this highly regarded pottery and looks into the current state of the market. Featured alongside the article are many pictures of the stunning creations by the pottery kindly provided by AD Antiques. They show the diverse range of the pottery from grotesque animals to finely decorated vases and other decorative pieces.

As you’ll probably know Antiques Info is a bi-monthly magazine published six times a year. It currently retails at £3.60 a magazine.