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Wade Sarah Figurine For Your Wade Sam

If you’re looking for the Wade Mabel Lucie Attwell Sarah to go with your Wade Mabel Lucie Attwell Sam then you should check out our Other Pottery stock page where we have her listed!

This figurine is of a girl called Sarah running behind her dog. There is a similar figurine to complete a pair called Sam who is walking with his dog, and they make a perfect set. Produced by the Wade pottery both figurines were only manufactured for a short time, from 1959 to 1961.

To see further information and pictures of this adorable Wade Sarah figurine, please – click here, and remember all prices are currently discounted by 5% until Christmas Eve 2008 (discount applied at checkout).

New Carlton Ware – It Is Still Being Made!

Although it’s not widely known (or seen), the Carlton Ware brand has been resurrected in recent years by well-known collectables publisher Francis Joseph.

Examples of the company’s new wares can be found on it’s website, www.carltonwaredirect.com and they also offer a newsletter (free initially, but then you have to make a purchase or subscribe for £35 per year…).

I haven’t seen much of this new Carlton Ware around on the secondary market yet – which isn’t surprising, as it is being made in extremely low volumes. This means you can at least be assured of exclusivity if you do buy any of these pieces.

The designs available are a mixture of licensed version of timeless classics – such as the Golliwog and the children’s designs of Mabel Lucie Attwell – and genuinely new designs, mostly by Marie Graves, a ceramic artist based in Stoke on Trent. Many of the shapes, however, are clearly freshened versions of old designs.

If you’re interested in Carlton Ware then it is well worth taking a look, although to me, these wares don’t seem to be being made or marketed intensively enough for Carlton Ware to take a significant place in the market again.

What’s Designed For Children But Collected By Adults?

A question with several possible answers – but in our case it’s nursery wares, in particular those made by Shelley, which form the subject of our newsletter this month.
Hot on the heels of the birth of our first niece, it seemed a good choice, especially as Shelley
produced a surprisingly wide range of nursery wares – from commemorative pieces through to Mabel Lucie Attwell’s Boo-Boo wares with their fairyland characters.

Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell Boo-Boo series baby’s plate

If you’re interested in Shelley or nursery wares, or would just like to see some fantastic pictures, you can take a look here.