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Troika Pottery Spice Vase By Louise Jinks – NEW STOCK

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this superb Troika Spice vase with blue glazed chimney top:

This is a genuine Troika Vase, as are all of our Troika Pottery pieces we have for sale. It has a textured body and a smooth glazed chimney top, and has been decorated by Louise Jinks. It can be dated to c1976-1981 when the pottery was based in Newlyn, in Cornwall, England. It has very appealing decorations on all sides – on one side it has the popular T design. Click here to view more pictures of this lovely Troika vase.

We have a wide range of Troika for sale including early Troika St Ives pieces and some lovely larger pieces such as Troika Chimney vases and Troika Rectangular vases.


Buying Troika Pottery – A Guide To Troika Pottery Shapes

Troika Pottery is extremely popular with collectors worldwide. If you’re just starting your collection you’ll probably be surprised at all the different styles and shapes of pieces available. Here’s our simple guide to buying Troika Pottery where we’ll show you just a few of the Troika shapes our there and available to collectors!

Some of the smaller Troika shapes available:

Troika St Ives Glazed Slab Vase Collectable Troika Marmalade Vase By Judith Illsley Troika Cube Vase - Jane Fitzgerald Early Troika St Ives Wheel Vase - Honor Curtis

Smooth Glazed Small Slab / Spill vase, Troika Marmalade vase, Troika Cube vase & Troika Small Wheel vase

The Smooth Glazed Spill vase is a small vase completely glazed inside and out. They can be found with flower head designs, stylised flowers or even cartwheels decorated on to them. This example is a St Ives piece dating pre-1970.

The Marmalade vase is a popular Troika vase among collectors. It has four textured sides and a glazed rounded top with the inside always glazed white. The vase can be found with different patterns, colours and styles so the collecting options on this shape are endless!

The Troika Cube vase is slightly bigger than the Troika Marmalade but doesn’t have the rounded top – it is completely open once again with a white glazed inner. As with the Marmalade vases Cube vases can be found with different patterns and colourways by different Troika decorators so you’re not short on collecting options!

The Troika Wheel vase comes in a range of sizes – the smallest (pictured above) is approximately 12cm tall. The vase is wheel in shape with a small opening at the top – they’re a very nice Troika vase being quite delicate. You’re also able to find wheel vases from the earlier St Ives period (as the one pictured here is) as well as from the Newlyn period of the pottery giving you another angle on your collection!

Mid-Size  to Large Troika Pottery Vases:

Troika Coffin Vase - Troika Decorator Louise Jinks Troika Pottery Tall Rectangular Vase

Troika Coffin vaseTroika Rectangular vases

The Troika Coffin vase is a very popular vase among collectors. It’s a sturdy vase standing approximately 17cm tall and is always decorated with a textured outer and white glazed inner. The patterns and style of decorations vary hugely so there is always a different patterned vase out there to find!

The Troika Rectangular vase is a larger vase than the Coffin vase standing approximately 23cm tall. This shape of vase was made by the Troika Pottery throughout the time they were at St Ives and in Newlyn so you can find early examples of this vase for sale. The earlier vases don’t have the abstract decoration styles of the Newlyn vases but have an attractiveness typical of the St Ives period.

Other Troika Pieces:

Troika Dish - A Square Rimmed Ashtray By Alison Brigden Troika Wheel Lamp Base - Jane Fitzgerald

Troika Square Rimmed Ashtray & Troika Lamp Bases

The Troika square rimmed ashtrays are more like square dishes – they have a deep center and over-hanging rim. They come in several sizes and are often styled with abstract patterns with glazed areas finishing the decoration. They’re a very nice dish – a change to a vase!

Troika made a whole range of lamp bases from tall rectangular pieces, smaller cube ones to a whole range of different sized wheel lamp bases. They come with a range of styles and designs in different colourways painted by different Troika decorators so the collecting choices once again are endless!

CLICK HERE – To view our full selection of Troika Pottery For Sale

Troika Pottery Rectangular Vase With Horseshoe Pattern – For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika pottery section is this superb textured tall Troika rectangular vase:

Textured Troika pottery rectangular vase - Louise Jinks

Troika Vase By Louise Jinks

This Troika vase decorated by Louise Jinks is called a rectangular vase and this example features an interesting horseshoe design on one side – a very eye catching feature.

The Troika pottery was only in operation from 1963 until 1983 – a short 20 year period. In this time it was based in St Ives in Cornwall until 1970 then moved to Newlyn in Cornwall where it stayed until it closed down in 1983.

We have a wide range of Troika pottery for sale including Troika Marmalade vases, Troika cube vases, Troika wheel vases to larger pieces such as the Troika shouldered cylinder vases and Troika lamp bases.

CLICK HERE to view our full selection of Troika Pottery for sale

Troika Coffin, Troika Wheel & Troika Rectangle Vase – Our Latest Items

Three new pieces of Troika pottery have recently been added to the Perfect Pieces Troika pottery section, all pictured below:

Troika Pottery Coffin Vase - Beverley Ellwood Troika pottery Wheel vase Troika pottery Rectangular Vase Decorated by Louise Jinks

Troika Coffin vase, Troika Wheel vase & Troika Rectangular vase

The Troika Coffin vase has been decorated by Beverley Ellwood and has been painted in nice light colours allowing the pattern to really stand out. Click here for more details…

The Troika wheel is the small Troika wheel size and belongs to the textured range dating from c1970 to c1983. Click here for more details…

Finally, the striking Troika Rectangular vase is an impressive piece decorated by Louise Jinks. The abstract design has been picked out in bold colours really making it stand out from the crowd! Click here for more details…

We have a wide range of Troika pottery for sale including Troika marmalade vase, Troika cube vases and Troika Spice vases to name a few models.

CLICK HERE – To visit our Troika Pottery section to browse our current Troika For Sale

Stunning Blue Troika Marmalade Vase – For Sale

One of the latest additions to the Perfect Pieces Troika pottery section is this superbly coloured blue Troika Marmalade vase:

Troika Marmalade Vase By Louise Jinks

Troika Pottery Louise Jinks Marmalade Vase

This Troika vase is heavily coloured with a vivid blue base which is quite popular with some collectors as the colouring really stands out against the browns and abstract decorations seen on many Troika pieces. Decorated by Louise Jinks this Troika vase this particular vase can be dated to the end of the 1970’s, c1976-1981.

The Troika Marmalade vase is a square vase in shape finished with a smooth glazed top – people often use this Troika vase shape as a pen pot!

View our FULL selection of Troika Pottery For Sale – Here

Rare Troika Pottery White Glazed Lamp Base For Sale

Welcome to 2011!

Here at Perfect Pieces we’re just catching up with everything after the Christmas & New Year break.

We did notice a most unusual Troika pottery lamp on eBay. It is a white glazed square Troika lamp base with a blue circular centre standing approximately 12″ tall.  This piece is from when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall and has the same characteristics and style of the earlier St Ives white glazed pieces. It has been decorated by Louise Jinks (later McClary) who worked at the Troika pottery from c1976 – 1981. She actually became a senior decorator from 1979. It is a rather unusual piece, this shape and style are not often seen.

As always with eBay please be sure you’re totally comfortable with the seller and the item listing BEFORE bidding. If in doubt about anything contact the seller and ask questions – you can always judge how honest & good people are by their responses. Here are a few pointers on things to check BEFORE bidding on any item on eBay:

  • Always check the photographs clearly by enlarging them if possible.
  • Carefully read the item description for any detailing of faults/damage etc.
  • ALWAYS check the seller’s feedback to see how other people have rated them.
  • Note where the seller is based – you don’t want to be hit with any unexpected overseas postage charges if they’re not based within the UK.
  • Take note of the postage charges before bidding and the postal service being used. It’s always good to pay for a tracked service so you keep track of where/when your parcel was posted if need be.
  • If in doubt CONTACT THE SELLER with any other questions /queries
  • Check out the seller’s Return Policy.
  • And finally, if you have any doubts at all it’s always best not to bid!

Bear in mind this list is by no means exhaustive, when buying off eBay you are buying from an unknown.

If you have any unusual pieces of Troika pottery then leave us a comment below, it’s always nice to see & hear about the many different pieces that this very popular pottery created.

Striking Troika Pottery Cube Vase & Tall Troika Rectangular Vase

New additions to our Troika pottery section today are a striking blue Troika cube vase and a tall and imposing Troika rectangular vase, pictured below.

The Troika cube vase has been fully decorated with a blue base and abstract decoration picked out in co-ordinating colours, by Troika decorator Teo Bernatowitz. Teo only worked at the pottery for around 18 months around 1974 so her work is highyl collected.

The Troika rectangular vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks. With a stunning abstract decoration picked out with a green base and strong blues this is an imposing vase with very striking decoration.

For further information on any of the Troika vases we currently have for sale, please visit our Troika pottery section, here.

New Troika Pottery Pieces – Troika Marmalade Vase & Troika Rectangular Vase

We have just added two new superb Troika pottery vases to our Troika pottery section – a Troika Marmalade vase and a large colourful Troika Rectangular vase both from the Troika Pottery’s textured range.

The Troika Marmalade vase has been decorated with a brown base with orange and white decoration, finished with a deep glazed top. This particular Troika vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks who worked at the Cornish pottery from 1976 until 1981. She became a senior decorator at the pottery in 1979. You can see an example of her Troika pottery mark below.

The large and colourful Troika Rectangular vase we have just added to our Troika Pottery section has been decorated with tones of green with blue and glazed decoration around the body of the vase. Alison Brigden is the decorator of this stunning Troika vase. She worked at the Troika pottery from 1977 until 1983 and she too became a senior decorator, in 1981.

To see further information and pictures on both these lovely Troika Pottery vases visit our Troika Pottery section – click here.

Stuning Troika Pottery Cube Vase Decorated by Louise Jinks

We have just added a stunning Troika pottery cube vase to our Troika pottery section. This Troika vase is heavily coloured with a green wash which really brings out the abstract brown and cream patterns.

This particular Troika vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks who became one of Troika’s senior decorators in the late 1970’s when they were based at the pottery in Newlyn, Cornwall.

To see further pictures of this super vase – please click here. Remember all our Troika pottery pieces are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery which guarantees next working delivery by 1pm to most places within the UK  – so if you’re looking for a last minute gift you don’t have to worry about when you’ll receive it!

If you’re looking for a specific piece of Troika pottery then do let us know we are always happy to email you when we obtain new pieces or when we find something that may be of interest to you.

Add Some Spice To Your Troika Collection

Our site has just been updated with a new piece of Troika pottery – a superb blue Troika Spice vase with white glazed top.

Troika Spice Vase

This spice vase has a a white glazed top and has been decorated with a deep blue base on all four sides – two sides being picked out with white decoration.

Spice vases are part of the textured range developed by the Troika pottery. They stand approximately 15cm tall and have a solid square base – making them easy to display with no worries of them toppling over (unlike the small wheel vases!). They were produced with different designs in different colourways, some have white glazed tops (like this one), others have deep blue or a brown tops.

This particular Spice vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks (later Louise McClary). Louise began working at the Troika pottery in Newlyn Cornwall in 1976. Progressing well she then became a senior decorator in 1979, finally leaving the pottery in 1981.

This is a lovely example of a spice vase – the contrast of the blue body and white glazed top making it stand out.

If you have any questions about this piece then please don’t hesitate to drop us an email, or if you’re interested in reading more about the Troika pottery why not take a look at our Guide To British Potteries!