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Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard – For Sale

A new addition to the Wedgwood section of Perfect Pieces is this straw coloured Keith Murray pottery tankard:

Wedgwood Kieth Murray tankard

Wedgwood Keith Murray tankard

This tankard is not only collectable but functional! Designed by Keith Murray for Wedgwood it is a simple design with bands around the base. In our Wedgwood Pottery section we also have a Keith Murray designed open shouldered vase for sale:

Wedgwood Keith Murray open shouldered vase

This Wedgwood pottery vase is shape number 3842 and stands an impressive 9.5″ tall. It is a superb Wedgwood vase and is perfect for display or for flowers!

View our full selection of Wedgwood Keith Murray ware here

Still Looking For Christmas Presents?

If you’re still looking for Christmas presents then there’s no need to panic we have  a wide range of items for you to browse through and there’s still time to get your order to you before Christmas!

With the snow retreating for a while it’s a perfect time to put your order in as postal services should be back to normal.

You can view all our pieces ranging from Troika Pottery, PenDelfin Rabbits, Carlton Ware, Keith Murray to Denby and Corgi Models to name but a few on our VIEW ALL STOCK page:

CLICK HERE To view our full selection of pottery & collectables

Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard In Moonstone White – For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Wedgwood section is this super Wedgwood Keith Murray tankard:

Kieth Murray Wedgwood tankard in moonstone white

There were a range of these tankards produced in several designs and colours. This Wedgwood tankard has a simple body with banded decoration towards the bottom and is in Moonstone white. On its base it has the Keith Murray script pottery mark.

The simple stylish Keith Murray designs fit perfectly in today’s modern homes and if you’re looking for a usable AND collectable gift this is perfect – you could have your coffee, tea or even beer in it occasionally!

CLICK HERE – To View Our Full Selection Of Wedgwood Keith Murray For Sale

Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Perfect Pieces!

Father’s Day will be upon us on the 20th June – have you started looking for a present to show your Father how much he means to you? If not, then why not take a look at the gift ideas below for something a little different?

Wedgwood Keith Murray tankard – always a popular choice for men! This Keith Murray tankard is in the straw colour and has script pottery mark on the base. A superb and very affordable gift that could even be used by the recipient!

Ruskin stoneware vase – This is an impressive & heavy vase shaped a bit like an elephants foot. Coloured in a grey and blue style it’s certainly manly in appearance!

Denby pottery tankard – This is a sturdy tankard decorated in the typical style familiar on this age of Denby pottery. With a black rim and border around the base the subtle abstract leaf decoration in the middle is very appealing.

For further gift ideas take a look at our full selection of items on offer – click here.

Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas from Perfect Pieces!

If you really have left it this late to find a Christmas present then you’ll need to be sharpish in your choosing!

It’s still not too late to order from Perfect Pieces, but tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd December 2009, is the last day that Royal Mail guarantee Special Delivery services before Christmas.

So if you’re after a Christmas gift then why not take a look at a few of the images below to give you some ideas. Items range in price and style so there’s bound to be something of interest.

If you see anything you fancy just click on the image and you’ll then be taken to the more information page where you can view further information and see more pictures of the item.


Perfect Christmas Gift Under £50 – Keith Murray Tankard

Looking for a Christmas present under £50? Want something that’s practical as well as desirable? Then why not consider this lovely matt straw (yellow) Keith Murray tankard?

Priced at only £40 INCLUDING P&P, it’s affordable and ideal for beer, coffee or tea, if you want a usable gift! Tankards were produced in a range of colour ways – green, grey, moonstone and in several different styles – ribbed, plain, so there’s plenty of room for building a collection of them.

We currently have several other items of Keith Murray for sale including this superb Open Shoulder vase and this unusual apple shaped Powder bowl & cover:

We are currently offering FREE UK POSTAGE on all our items of Keith Murray!

To view our collection of Keith Murray items – CLICK HERE

The Realms of Wedgwood Pottery

If you’re looking for a piece of Wedgwood pottery maybe something related to Keith Murray then you should definitely take a look in our Wedgwood pottery section.

The range of pieces relating to Keith Murray is vast so the best start is to take a flick through the Keith Murray Information Book & Price Guide. This will give you a good start as to the style of items and the different shapes and purposes available.

We currently have this book on offer for only £12 including UK postage and packaging. Click here for details.

Once you’ve browsed your way through and got some ideas together, you’re probably best setting yourself a budget otherwise you could easily get carried away!

For example if you have around £50 to spend then why not consider a Keith Murray tankard? They can range in style and colour so there’s endless collecting options!  Here’s a nice and slightly unusual yellow tankard we currently have for sale:

Priced at £40 INCLUDING UK postage and packaging it’s right on the mark. Click here to see further pictures and information on this KM tankard.

If you’ve got more like £150 then why not consider something a little more unusual such as this green Keith Murray powder bowl and cover?

Looking a bit like an apple it’s an interesting piece – and practical, you could easily use it day to day to store pins, paperclips or slides in it for example. Priced at only £110 including UK postage and packing it’s well under budget. For further pictures please click here.

If you have no limit then why not consider a large and striking piece that would fit comfortably in any home – be it modern or traditional. This white Keith Murray open shoulder vase is a lovely example.

Standing 9.5″ tall and measuring 8″ wide at the top it is an imposing piece and is priced at only £270 including UK postage and packaging. Click here to see further photographs an details about this stunning vase.

I hope that’s given you some ideas!

Click here to view our current selection of Wedgwood pottery.

Keith Murray Book by Stephen Johnson

If you’re a keen collector of Keith Murray wares then check out our Wedgwood pottery section where we have just added the new Keith Murray Designer book by Stephen Johnson.

This collectors book includes information on Keith Murray pottery and glass marks, a biography, images of different patterns and shapes used by the Wedgwood pottery and a price guide.

For further details on this Keith Murray book, please – click here.

Keith Murray Collectors Book – Keith Murray Designer by Stephen Johnson

New to our Wedgwood Keith Murray section is the popular collectors book all about Keith Murray – Keith Murray Designer by Stephen Johnson.

This is a super book for any collector of Keith Murray. Full of information on the man himself including a shape and price guide for the Wedgwood designs he created.

For further information, please – click here.

Wedgwood Pottery For Sale

If you’ve heard the news about Wedgwood pottery and have wondered what kind of things they have produced over the last two centuries then why not take a look at our Wedgwood Pottery section?

Many many pottery marks were used by the Wedgwood pottery over the decades, you can view a few in our Identifying Pottery Marks sectionclick here. Here we have illustrated those stamps we’ve come across along with a short description on what they were used for and when they were used.

We currently have a wide range of Wedgwood Keith Murray pieces ranging from the affordable and highly desirable tankards to the large and impressive decorative items such as the Shoulder Vases and the Open Shoulder Vases.

Typically Art Deco Keith Murray designs are impressive, decorated in subtle tones and clear glazes they certainly depict the era in which they were designed.

So, we’ll all have to wait and see what finally happens with the Wedgwood brand. Hopefully, something that will continue successfully for many many more decades.