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Denby Joins List of Troubled British Potteries

Denby Pottery will be celebrating its bicentenary this year. Unforunately, it will also be cutting jobs.

The exact number of jobs due to disappear from the Derby Road, Denby factory is not yet clear. The company, which employs 400 people, is currently negotiating the cuts with its workers’ unions.

Denby – like so many companies – has been hit by the economic downturn and is experiencing drastically reduced demand for its tablewares, known worldwide for their good quality, colourful designs and robust stoneware manufacture.

By reducing its headcount and factory output, Denby hopes to be able to ride out the economic storm and survive. The company has already confirmed that its bicentenary celebrations will be toned down to suit the economic mood, although it has said it will still mark the occasion.