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Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Perfect Pieces!

Father’s Day will be upon us on the 20th June – have you started looking for a present to show your Father how much he means to you? If not, then why not take a look at the gift ideas below for something a little different?

Wedgwood Keith Murray tankard – always a popular choice for men! This Keith Murray tankard is in the straw colour and has script pottery mark on the base. A superb and very affordable gift that could even be used by the recipient!

Ruskin stoneware vase – This is an impressive & heavy vase shaped a bit like an elephants foot. Coloured in a grey and blue style it’s certainly manly in appearance!

Denby pottery tankard – This is a sturdy tankard decorated in the typical style familiar on this age of Denby pottery. With a black rim and border around the base the subtle abstract leaf decoration in the middle is very appealing.

For further gift ideas take a look at our full selection of items on offer – click here.