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Rare Troika Pottery White Glazed Lamp Base For Sale

Welcome to 2011!

Here at Perfect Pieces we’re just catching up with everything after the Christmas & New Year break.

We did notice a most unusual Troika pottery lamp on eBay. It is a white glazed square Troika lamp base with a blue circular centre standing approximately 12″ tall.  This piece is from when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall and has the same characteristics and style of the earlier St Ives white glazed pieces. It has been decorated by Louise Jinks (later McClary) who worked at the Troika pottery from c1976 – 1981. She actually became a senior decorator from 1979. It is a rather unusual piece, this shape and style are not often seen.

As always with eBay please be sure you’re totally comfortable with the seller and the item listing BEFORE bidding. If in doubt about anything contact the seller and ask questions – you can always judge how honest & good people are by their responses. Here are a few pointers on things to check BEFORE bidding on any item on eBay:

  • Always check the photographs clearly by enlarging them if possible.
  • Carefully read the item description for any detailing of faults/damage etc.
  • ALWAYS check the seller’s feedback to see how other people have rated them.
  • Note where the seller is based – you don’t want to be hit with any unexpected overseas postage charges if they’re not based within the UK.
  • Take note of the postage charges before bidding and the postal service being used. It’s always good to pay for a tracked service so you keep track of where/when your parcel was posted if need be.
  • If in doubt CONTACT THE SELLER with any other questions /queries
  • Check out the seller’s Return Policy.
  • And finally, if you have any doubts at all it’s always best not to bid!

Bear in mind this list is by no means exhaustive, when buying off eBay you are buying from an unknown.

If you have any unusual pieces of Troika pottery then leave us a comment below, it’s always nice to see & hear about the many different pieces that this very popular pottery created.

PenDelfin Reference Guide 1953 to 2010 – Reviewed

PenDelfin collector Alan Buck recently contacted me to ask if he could use some PenDelfin photographs from the Perfect Pieces website for a CD he was creating cataloguing the entire PenDefin collection from 1953 to the present day.

On completion he kindly forwarded us a copy of the finished result – PenDelfin Products 1953 -2010 – so I’d thought I’d let you all know about it.

Alan has managed to catalogue the entire PenDelfin range from 1953 until 2010 and presented it onto a CD. On loading the CD you’re greeted with a directory page split into sections (part pictured below). From here you can navigate through the alphabet looking for pieces or into sections for certain ranges.

Each PenDelfin piece is photographed, has details about its production dates and includes details about any limited editions that were produced. By clicking the images, the user is able to see larger pictures of each piece  – one of the advantages of this information being on a CD rather than in a book!

Whilst it might not be quite what you are expecting visually it is an extremely comprehensive and up to date catalogue of the full PenDelfin product range. It’s been a while now since a PenDelfin book has been published so it’s a very useful directory – one I’ve already referred to when researching some of the newer pieces of PenDelfin (click here to view our current selection of PenDelfin rabbits).

Alan is currently selling his CD on eBay, you can find full details by clicking here…


Burgess & Leigh Burleigh Ware Pottery

Originally opening back in 1851 the Staffordshire Burgess & Leigh pottery are probably best known for their Art Deco Burleigh Ware items.

With bright bold colours, stylish designs and bold patterns the Art Deco style was captured perfectly in the Burleigh Ware range and as a result is highly collected today.

Commonly collected are the popular Burleigh Ware jugs. These Art Deco style jugs have a range of patterns and different shape handles ranging from squirrels & parrots to the Piped Piper to name a few!

There are a few examples for sale on eBay – do remember to check out the items condition and authenticity before bidding. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller any questions or for further photographs. Make sure you’re clear of any postage charges and always check the sellers feedback to see how other buyers rate them before bidding or buying an item on eBay.

Sylvac Pottery For Sale

Most people will have heard of SylvaC pottery and when walking around antique fairs or antique centres you’re bound to come across some pieces of SylvaC – often vases and pottery animals, dogs and rabbits commonly!

It often has the look of the Victorian era even though alot of SylvaC was actually designed and made during the Art Deco period.

You can always find SylvaC pottery for sale on eBay. Do be careful when shopping on eBay – be sure to look at photographs clearly, don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about the item, make sure you understand the postage costs and return policy and always check out the seller’s feedback. This can be instrumental in obtaining an idea of who you are dealing with.

Bernard Moore Pottery

If you watch the Antiques Roadshow on BBC1 then you’ll have seen the stunning Bernard Moore vase that was on the show on Sunday 1st November 2009.

The Antiques Roadshow is shown on a Sunday evening on terrestrial television around 8pm. It’s often quite interesting seeing pieces of all varieties and hearing about their histories.

Bernard Moore pottery is highly collectable. Originally working with his brother at his father’s pottery for nearly 40 years, in 1905 Bernard Moore decided to sell up and start his own studio. He very successfully experimented and produced flambe ware, crystalline wares and lustre glazed pieces.

You will often find pieces of Bernard Moore on eBay. Do remember before bidding or buying anything on eBay to check out the condition, email the seller with any questions no matter how daft they might sound to you, carefully look over the photographs and always check the postage costs. Also remember to check out the seller’s feedback see how other people have rated them.

eBay – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

You’ve all probably heard of eBay, it seems to pop into most people’s conversations where antiques and collectables and buying and selling are talked about – in general it’s a huge market place where people can sell and other people can buy.

If you’re thinking of buying something from eBay here are a few tips:

  • Check the sellers feedback, see how they score
  • If postage costs aren’t listed ask the seller before your bid about the cost
  • If the item is from overseas make sure you check with the seller about postage – postage from overseas can be considerably more than within the UK
  • Don’t hesitate, if you have a question drop the seller an email
  • Always clear up any queries before you bid

If you’re thinking of selling an item on eBay here are a few simple tips:

  • Take clear photographs of the item so bidders can see everything properly
  • Write a simple and straightforward description listing any faults/good points etc of the item
  • Work out your postage costs and clearly detail these in the listing
  • Answer any questions you get regarding your item promptly and consider listing it on the description if you think it will be of interest to other bidders

These are only a few pointers to help you get you started. If you have any other good tips then do get in touch and we’ll add them to this list!

Antique & Collectable Television Programmes – Truth or Fiction?

Often, when out and about at antique fairs or auctions, you will hear people talking about Bargain Hunt, Flog it!, Cash In The Attic and other similar television programmes – hey you may even see them filming – and then you may start to wonder what it is all the about and whether what is shown in the programmes is really realistic.

TV programmes such as these where people take part in either finding antiques and collectables at car boots, antique fairs, antique centres to sell on or selling their own possessions having cleared out their house seem to have really taken off over the last 5 years.

With that, and auctions becoming a familiar territory for collectors and eBay continuing to grow it’s a never-ending and very accessible popular marketplace for everyone.

There are a few things to remember when you sit down with your cup of tea to watch these programs or switch on your computer to have a browse around eBay.

You do have to bear in mind that you may be watching a repeat that was recorded several years ago – and as with everything prices and the value of items change over time so they’re not necessarily a reflection of the value of the item on the day that you watch it! Also, auctions are like market places and don’t necessarily reflect the retail price – the price you might pay for something in a shop. Auction prices are usually a little lower than retail but on occasion they can go higher – if two bidders are determined to win an item.

So, whilst they can be interesting to watch and eBay can be a good place to gather a rough idea do bear in mind not everything is as it seems!

New to eBay? Start Here

Have you ever wondered what eBay is? Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about it, I know plenty of people do!

eBay is a giant marketplace with all sorts on offer from cars to caravans, pots to crafts there really is something for everyone.

You can browse the site without registering to see if there is anything that takes your fancy but you have to register to bid or buy an item. Registration is quick and simple and most importantly is free!

Do be careful when bidding on an item. Remember to:

  • Always read the description carefully;
  • Check postage and packaging costs;
  • Read the sellers buyers instructions;
  • Browse over the seller’s feedback it’s always good to have an idea of who you’re buying from;
  • And if in any doubt don’t be afraid to Email the seller and ask any questions before bidding. It’s always better to have a clear idea of everything BEFORE you bid so there’s no misunderstandings.

After all of that , if you’re tempted then why not register and give it a go!

PenDelfin Cornish Prayer….two to choose from!

It’s like waiting for a bus, you stand around for ages and then two always come at once! The same came be said for PenDelfin Cornish Prayers on eBay at the moment!

The Cornish Prayer figurine from PenDelfin was originally designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap. He is one of the very early PenDelfin figurines and was originally produced in 1962 and produced for just 3 years. He’s a rather strange little fellow; peaking out from beneath his bed covers he certainly adds variety to a collection.

On eBay at the moment there are two to choose from! The first one appears to be in relatively good condition with a few nibbles here and there but looks to still have good colouring. He has his green felt and both PenDelfin labels – including the Ghoulies label which is always rather nice.

The second one seems a little worse with some nibbles and small chips, and in places looks as though he may have been over-painted (this might be worth checking with the seller).

Whichever one you choose make sure you are confident about the condition before bidding. Don’t be afraid to ask for further photographs or condition descriptions if you are unsure. eBay offers the buyer lots of choice but always be careful when buying not everything is as good as it seems!

Huge Poole Delphis Vase

I noticed an item on eBay today, a HUGE Delphis umbrella vase decorated in a rather nice and dazzling abstract design.

These large pieces of Delphis are very collectable possibly because they aren’t as common as the really small pin trays for example that you can easily pick up. These types of pieces are also very striking making a fantastic centre piece!

This seller has 100% feedback, which is always a bonus, and states clearly lots of information about the vase. However, there’s no mention of crazing or staining so it might be wise to email them to check before bidding just to be sure as there isn’t a photograph of the inside either. Don’t be afraid to ask even the simplest of questions, it’s far better to ask before than be disappointed when you receive your goods.