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Local Derbyshire Pottery – Denby – Perfect Gift Idea!

If you’re based in Derbyshire or the surrounding counties and are looking for something local as a Christmas present, then why not consider a piece of Denby pottery?

We have several attractive pieces of Denby Pottery for sale including this lovely Glynbourne range bowl and a superb tankard for any beer drinkers out there!

Denby Pottery Dish - Glynbourne Range  Bowl  Denby Pottery Tankard - Glyn Ware Range

Denby Glynbourne Dish & Denby Pottery Glyn Ware Tankard

Originally traced back to the early 1800’s the Denby Pottery is still thriving today from its site in Denby, Derbyshire. You can visit the pottery where you’ll find the factory, several gift shops, a small exhibition, a children’s playground and of course a cafe! There is also a shop where you can buy new pieces of Denby Pottery as well as a seconds shop if you want to pick up a piece slightly cheaper.

There’s plenty of on-site free parking and it is signposted well so is very easy to find. If you do visit do leave us a comment below letting is know your thoughts – what you thought of the site and of the new ranges that Denby are producing today.

Click Here – To view our full selection of Denby Pottery For Sale