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Poole Pottery – The Collecting Options

When it comes to collecting Poole Pottery there’s a whole range of collecting areas from the bright and vibrant Poole Delphis range, to the slighter more toned Poole Aegean range, to the earlier and traditional styles of the Carter, Stabler & Adams pieces.

Poole Aegean Spear Dish, Poole Freeform Planter, Poole Traditional Vase

Which one you collect might depend on several things such as do you want a truly decorative collection or would you like to actually use pieces from it? Will the vibrant designs of the Delphis range sit happily within your home? Do you prefer older items – the Carter, Stabler & Adams pieces are typical of the Art Deco and pre-Art Deco period or do you like more modern items such as the clean lines of the Freeform designs?

To help you decide or if you’re looking to extend your current collection try having a look through our current collection of Poole Pottery – here.

Huge Poole Delphis Vase

I noticed an item on eBay today, a HUGE Delphis umbrella vase decorated in a rather nice and dazzling abstract design.

These large pieces of Delphis are very collectable possibly because they aren’t as common as the really small pin trays for example that you can easily pick up. These types of pieces are also very striking making a fantastic centre piece!

This seller has 100% feedback, which is always a bonus, and states clearly lots of information about the vase. However, there’s no mention of crazing or staining so it might be wise to email them to check before bidding just to be sure as there isn’t a photograph of the inside either. Don’t be afraid to ask even the simplest of questions, it’s far better to ask before than be disappointed when you receive your goods.