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Dickinson Returns

It seems that filming is underway for the latest series of Dickinson’s Real Deal, the ITV1 show hosted by David Dickinson, of Bargain Hunt infamy.

You can find a list of the remaining film dates here, on David Dickinson’s official website.

Dickinson and Bargain Hunt have been widely blamed by some dealers for contributing to falling fair prices and rising auction prices and for dishonestly portraying auctions – which typically have 15% – 20% fees for buyers and sellers – as better value than antique fairs. These fees are rarely mentioned on TV and never taken into account on programmes like Bargain Hunt, giving a very false impression of the potential profitability of selling at auction.

However, the reality is that the auction/retail price divide is no longer as clear cut as it once was – a trend that seems unlikely to change and can’t completely be blamed on one TV show.

David Dickinson’s current TV series, Dickinson’s Real Deal, seems to take a more even-handed and honest view of this trend and is quite entertaining.

If you missed the first series, the show is based around members of the public bringing in their antiques to be valued by experienced dealers, who then offer to purchase the items for cash, with their own money. The contestants then have to choose whether to accept the offer or put the item into auction – the best result is supposedly “Dickinson’s Real Deal”.

Despite the cheesy name, it provides interesting and fairly honest entertainment (the dealers never fail to explain the true cost of selling at auction) – so why not go along if there’s one in your area?