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Functional & Collectable – T G Green Cornishware

If you’re looking for something to snazz up your kitchen but be functional at the same time then why not take a look at T G Green’s Cornish Ware range?

Originating from Church Gresley the blue banded range created by the T G Green pottery is recognisable anywhere. Take a look at the two pieces illustrated below. These two storage jars are sturdy, practical and will easily fit into anyones kitchen today.

The style is still being produced and can be found in a range of colours and styles.

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Essential Websites: Cornishware.biz

When you spend a lot of time on the internet (as I do…), you tend to find that in amongst all the dross that fills much of the internet, there are a few really useful, genuinely expert websites out there. Websites you come back to again and again.

One such website is www.cornishware.biz. Dedicated to all things Cornishware, this site contains large amounts of really useful information and photographs. On top of this, they have a shop section with a vast array of Cornishware for sale.

Note: I’ve no connection with the site other than as a grateful user.

No More Cornishware

Cornishware has always been a very popular collecting area – perhaps because it has always been usable, quite  TG Green Cornishware salt containeraffordable and because it has a colourful, informal style that fits well in many modern homes.

Until recently, another attraction of Cornishware was that it was still being made – so collectors could mix and match new and old pieces if they wanted. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.

The original T.G. Green pottery at Church Gresley had gone bust long ago, but the company had been resurrected more recently under new ownership and continued to produce pottery in the same, distinctive striped style from the same location.

This company too has now ceased trading. According to the thoroughly excellent www.cornishware.biz site the T.G. Green factory in Church Gresley ceased trading and went into administration in July 2007, ending another era in British pottery.

If you are looking for information about Cornishware, I’d highly recommend www.cornishware.biz – it’s a specialist site with a huge range of stock and lots of good information, including a comprehensive set of backstamps.