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Antique & Collectable Magazines

There are many resources available that help you expand your knowledge of antiques and collectables or that may help when you are on a mission to identify a particular piece or pottery. These include collecting clubs, websites, auctions (through being able to view and handle pieces) and antique fairs – where you may meet other like-minded people.

Books are also an essential source of information, but for keeping up with current events and broadening your knowledge of the industry, magazines can be very valuable, too. There are many antique & collectors magazines that cover a wide variety of areas – some are monthly and some bi-monthly. By having a subscription to your favoured magazine you can not only considerably reduce the cost but you are usually the first to receive them as soon as they are published – and you don’t have to troop out to the shops in the rain to pick it up – bonus!

I have listed a few of the main magazines on the market below to get you started!

Collect it! magazine is a monthly magazine and features a whole range of information each month with focused articles, club information and letters from fellow collectors. It also includes pieces written by Eric Knowles and Mark Hill – experts in their fields.

BBC Home & Antiques magazine is a magazine covering everything to enable you to create a stylish and original home. With feature articles and information on selected antiques for the home this magazine allows you to see how modern day homes can incorporate antiques.

Collectors Gazette is a monthly publication covering all aspects of childhood antiques and collectables. With auction highlights, event guides and price guides its packed full of collectors dreams!

And finally…but not least, Antiques Info. This is a bi-monthly magazine containing feature articles covering all aspects of antiques and collectibles. With auction calendars and antique fair calendars, a letters section and competition crossword it’s packed to the gills with information!

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