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End Of An Era – Collect it! No More…

If you subscribe to Collect It! magazine or take a trip out to buy it each month then you may have noticed that in the letter from the editor Jean Hodge in this month’s issue, December 2010, we’re all informed it will be the last edition of the popular magazine.

There aren’t many antiques and collectors magazines on the market nowadays so it’s a great shame that Collect It! will be no more after Christmas.

As more and more people turn to the Internet for information and to join collectors clubs and talk on forums quite understandably the operating and printing costs of magazines can sometimes be very costly. It makes you wonder if more magazines will follow the same route as demand for reading actual newspapers and magazine – sometimes referred to as old fashioned pastimes – decreases.

If you have any comments on the magazines you read, how they could be improved or your thoughts on the general attitude towards magazine reading then be sure to leave a comment below.

The latest Collect It!…OUT NOW

The July 2010 edition of the popular Collect it! magazine is now out and available in most good newsagents.

This months edition looks at Antiques of the future with articles on 1960’s collectables looking at items relating to the Beatles, fashion from the 1960’s, Lava Lamps and 1960’s ceramics to name a few features!

It also includes another Masterclass from Roland Head looking at how to display and store your collectables.

Not to be missed – check it out now!

March 2010 Issue of Collect it – OUT NOW!

The latest edition – March 2010 – of the popular Collect it magazine is now on sale.

This month’s issue is very fairy and mythical related with articles looking into fairies and dragons alongside pages looking into Bears, dolls & toys. It also has Ask The Experts,  some Book Reviews and a Masterclass looking into how to jazz up antique furniture with a lick of paint! This issue also comes with a 24-page supplement – Teddy Bear Scene The A-Z of Bear Collecting.

The ever-regular Jargon Buster by Roland Head is again present this month with letter G – for gilding, grotesque and guinea.

This magazine is currently priced at £3.25 an issue and is available in most good quality newsagents.

Click here to visit the Collect it website

Latest Edition of Collect it Magazine Out Now!

The February 2010 edition of the popular Collect it magazine is out now.

This month’s edition features a whole range of articles covering glass, ceramics to new and vintage items along with a Masterclass article about starting a new collection. It also has the usual brief round-up of some auction results and includes an Event Calendar for Antique Fairs and Auctions for the month.

The popular Jargon Buster written by Roland Head is here again this month covering F – Facets, Fakes, Forgeries and Flambe. Always an interesting read.

Collect it is a monthly magazine currently priced at £3.25. It aims itself at collectors of all sorts from vintage collectables to brand spanking new collectables.

If you want to find out more about the Collect it magazine then visit their website here:

Collect It Magazine

Collect it! Magazine – Antiques Jargon Buster

In this month’s issue (September 2009) of the popular Collect it! magazine you’ll notice a new section…Jargon Buster written by the likeable Roland Head.

This section is designed to go through the alphabet, A to Z, each month looking at a different letter and introducing and clearing out any cobwebs on terms used within the antiques and collectables industry.

This month he starts with the letter A, and among the words he looks at is Art Deco – this is where Perfect Pieces is featured. Poole Pottery created some very stylised and Art Deco patterns back in the 1930’s and the bowl pictured is a piece of Poole Pottery from our collection! To view our current collection of Poole Pottery – click here.

As you’ll probably know Collect it! magazine is a monthly magazine featuring everything from new collectables, expert discussions,  letters from readers with puzzling items and often feature articles on antiques and collectables. If you buy the magazine regularly or are thinking of a present for an avid collector then why not consider a subscription? They can often save you money and you’ll receive each magazine as soon as it’s been published – save getting wet when going out to buy it each month!

Note: Collect It! is sadly no longer being published.

Antique & Collectable Magazines

There are many resources available that help you expand your knowledge of antiques and collectables or that may help when you are on a mission to identify a particular piece or pottery. These include collecting clubs, websites, auctions (through being able to view and handle pieces) and antique fairs – where you may meet other like-minded people.

Books are also an essential source of information, but for keeping up with current events and broadening your knowledge of the industry, magazines can be very valuable, too. There are many antique & collectors magazines that cover a wide variety of areas – some are monthly and some bi-monthly. By having a subscription to your favoured magazine you can not only considerably reduce the cost but you are usually the first to receive them as soon as they are published – and you don’t have to troop out to the shops in the rain to pick it up – bonus!

I have listed a few of the main magazines on the market below to get you started!

Collect it! magazine is a monthly magazine and features a whole range of information each month with focused articles, club information and letters from fellow collectors. It also includes pieces written by Eric Knowles and Mark Hill – experts in their fields.

BBC Home & Antiques magazine is a magazine covering everything to enable you to create a stylish and original home. With feature articles and information on selected antiques for the home this magazine allows you to see how modern day homes can incorporate antiques.

Collectors Gazette is a monthly publication covering all aspects of childhood antiques and collectables. With auction highlights, event guides and price guides its packed full of collectors dreams!

And finally…but not least, Antiques Info. This is a bi-monthly magazine containing feature articles covering all aspects of antiques and collectibles. With auction calendars and antique fair calendars, a letters section and competition crossword it’s packed to the gills with information!

To search through a whole range of magazines and the amazing offers available when you sign up to a subscription then visit Unique Magazines website.

Perfect Pieces Features in Collect it! Magazine

Perfect Pieces features in print again this month in the March 2009 edition of the popular Collect it! magazine.

This month’s “Doggie delights” feature article looks into collecting dogs – a mans best friend! It examines the variety of dog collectables on the market and all the options available to collectors from modern day figurines to the rarer more collectable examples.

You will notice the article is illustrated with many example of dog collectables including some of our popular PenDelfin DogsTammy, Pooch and the highly collectable PenDelfin Dog With Scarf & Beret. Also featured is the popular and rather cute Sylvac Toby Toothache dog and the adorable Crown Devon Perky Pup!

For further information about the Collect it! magazine have a look at their website here:


Collect It! Guide to Buying Antiques at Auction & Online

This month’s edition of Collect It! magazine features an article by Roland Head on the ins and outs of buying antiques and collectables at traditional auction houses and on the internet.

The article looks at buying from both eBay and dealers’ private websites and mentions Perfect Pieces as a good example of a dealer’s website. There’s plenty of advice on how to bid at auction, the fees involved in buying at auction, and how to check out online purchases before you commit.

Collect It! is available at all good newsagents now and this article is in the August 2008 issue.

Collect It! Magazine – Auction Guide

Perfect Pieces has been featured in print again – this time in Collect It! magazine with a detailed guide to buying and selling ceramics at auction. “Making auctions work for you”, by Roland Head, includes illustrated examples of crafty restoration and concealed damage, as well as a breakdown of the true costs of buying and selling at auction.

The article is in the June 2007 issue of this popular collectors’ magzine and is in the shops now!