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Poole CSA Eartenware Jug

The Poole pottery went through many changes during its main years of production. The early CSA wares are a particular favourite of mine and this earthenware Carter Stabler & Adams jug is a fine example of the designs that Truda Adams created.

Decorated in the ED pattern – very similar to fuchsia flowers – this full bodied jug displays the pattern superbly. With all markings to the base including the shape number, the main Poole CSA stamp, the pattern code and the artist’s mark it has everything for the collector.

For further pictures and details please – click here.

Rare Art Deco Ceramics Exhibition & Sale

Anyone with an interest in Art Deco ceramics might want to consider making a beeline for Stourbridge at the end of May.

Well-known Stourbridge auctioneer Fieldings is putting on an exhibition of work by designers such as Clarice Cliff, Keith Murray, Poole’s Carter, Stabler & Adams and Lenci at its auction house on Mill Race Lane from Thursday 29th May to midday on Saturday 31st May.

The exhibition has been planned to coincide with Fieldings hosting the first official Clarice Cliff Collectors Club auction ever to take place outside London – something of a coup for the auctioneer. The sale at Fieldings has nearly 300 lots and will begin at midday on Saturday 31st May, allowing plenty of time for anyone needing to travel to the auction.

Fieldings’ auctioneer Will Farmer will be known to many as one of the experts on the Antiques Roadshow. He’s excited about the exhibition and says: “It’s going to be a really rare exhibition, we’ve been building this for five months. Collectors will be coming from all over the country and everybody in Stourbridge can come and see this.”

The Clarice Cliff auction promises to be exciting too and it will be interesting to see how prices are holding up in the current market.

Full details of the Clarice Cliff sale catalogue will be available on Fieldings’ website nearer the time.