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Burgess & Leigh Burleigh Ware Pottery

Originally opening back in 1851 the Staffordshire Burgess & Leigh pottery are probably best known for their Art Deco Burleigh Ware items.

With bright bold colours, stylish designs and bold patterns the Art Deco style was captured perfectly in the Burleigh Ware range and as a result is highly collected today.

Commonly collected are the popular Burleigh Ware jugs. These Art Deco style jugs have a range of patterns and different shape handles ranging from squirrels & parrots to the Piped Piper to name a few!

There are a few examples for sale on eBay – do remember to check out the items condition and authenticity before bidding. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller any questions or for further photographs. Make sure you’re clear of any postage charges and always check the sellers feedback to see how other buyers rate them before bidding or buying an item on eBay.