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Perfect Pieces Latest Newsletter – Out Now!

The latest Perfect Pieces newsletter is now out!

Following a trip to Northumberland we thought we’d tell you all about a real British pottery we discovered and have come to like very much – Errington Reay.

Based in Bardon Mill in Northumberland the Errington Reay pottery was originally founded in back in 1878. Today it offers a wide range of  very attractive traditionally-made garden wares – something a little different to the standard terracotta garden pots you see everywhere!

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Guide To British Potteries

If you’ve been trying to find out a little more about a certain British pottery or just want to browse the many different potteries that have existed and still exist in the UK today then why not visit the Perfect Pieces Guide To British Potteries?

In this guide we have tried to provide information on many different British potteries including potteries such as Carlton Ware, Poole, Moorcroft, Wedgwood and Shelley to name a few.

With a general outline of the history of the pottery and any recommended information books we think you might find useful, you’ll also find a link to examples of the pottery marks used by the pottery.

So it’s definitely worth a visit, and we hope you find it helpful.

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Emma Bridgewater – A British Pottery With Good News

In amongst all the doom and gloom of the British pottery industry recently, it’s heartening to know that there is at least one company out there that is doing well – and even making a profit!

Emma Bridgewater founded her eponymous pottery in the mid-1980s and makes unmistakeably English – and cheerful – tablewares. Last year, the company turned over £7.5m and made a 5% profit – while companies such as Wedgwood and Denby Pottery were losing money hand over fist.

Emma Bridgewater and her husband and business partner Matthew Rice were recently interviewed in the Financial Times. They reckon their cheerful, bright wares are comforting to have around and that the worse time for them is “coming out of a recession” – when people want “clean, modern lines”.

Click here to read the FT’s article in full.