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Book Review: Crown Devon The History of S. Fielding & Co by Susan Hill

Despite the growth of the internet, good quality information about antiques and collectables remains in restricted supply online. There is certainly nothing on the internet that can compare with the quality and depth of information in Susan Hill’s book Crown Devon: The History of S. Fielding & Co.

Book Review - Crown Devon The History of S. Fielding & Co by Susan Hill
Crown Devon: The History of S. Fielding & Co by Susan Hill

For anyone with a serious interest in Fielding’s Crown Devon pottery, this is an essential book. It contains a detailed history of the pottery and the people behind it, along with a comprehensive reference guide to patterns, shapes and the marks used by the pottery. The book is well illustrated with photos of all the pottery’s major ranges and best of all, it’s thoroughly researched, well written and professionally presented — attributes sadly missing from many lesser books on antiques and collectables.

There is no better reference resource available for Crown Devon pottery – highly recommended.

You can buy Crown Devon: The History of S.Fielding & Co on Amazon.

Book information:
Crown Devon: The History Of  S. Fielding & Co.
Susan Hill
Publisher: Jazz Publications
ISBN: 0 9516525 2 4

Pottery Book Reviews From Perfect Pieces

On the Perfect Pieces website we have an Antique & Collectable Book Reviews section. In this section we you’ll find a wide range of pottery books that at some point we’ve read and have reviewed for you.

Books range from specialist Pottery Marks books, time period books such as Art Deco and the 1950’s, to specialist pottery books such as Troika Pottery and Martin Brothers. There are many different types of book available to collectors covering the basics such as identifying different pottery marks to learning all about a specific pottery’s history. Price guides are also available although these have to be treated with caution as prices do fluctuate over the years.

We’re often asked where is the best place to buy any of these books? Well, when you’re at Antique Fairs that’s always a good place to start looking. Often there will be book stalls, some selling second hand copies others selling new copies. Alternatively, there is Amazon which tends to have a good range available and does home delivery.

If you’re a collector, an avid reader or simply looking for a gift for someone then books are the perfect Christmas present. Why not take a look through some of our reviews and see what a wide range is available?

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Book Review: British Teapots and Coffee Pots, by Steven Goss

British Teapots and Coffee Pots is a 40-page A5-sized guide from Shire Books, written by Steven Goss, an antique dealer, porcelain expert and teaware collector. It provides a useful introduction to British teapots through the ages, although coverage of coffee pots is fairly sparse in comparison, despite the book’s title.

British Teapots and Coffee Pots by Steven Goss
Steven Goss brings British Teapots and Coffee Pots to a conclusion with the comment:

“Teapots and coffee pots are an important part of British social history and it is calculated that more than 200 million cups of tea are drunk in Britain every day.”

The teapot may be in decline today but there can be no doubt that  tea pots through the ages have very much mirrored wider fashions and trends in design and popular culture – something which is well-illustrated by this book.

British Teapots… is generously illustrated and covers the period from the early 18th century to the present day. This book includes tips for buyers to help them spot damaged and restored teapots (and coffee pots). For £5.99 it is a useful and informative guide.

Buy British Teapots and Coffee Pots direct from the publisher or on Amazon

Book Information

Title: British Teapots and Coffee Pots
Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Shire Publications Ltd (1 Sep 2005)
Author: Steven Goss
Language English
ISBN: 978-0747806349
Product Dimensions: 20.2 x 14.4 x 0.6 cm

Recommended Antique & Collectable Books – Reference Books, Collectors’ Guides & Others!

Following all the requests we get from people for information on specific pieces, other queries asking us the best way to find out about potteries in more depth and general requests on books that we can recommend as useful, we’ve developed the Perfect Pieces Books page.

On here we’ve reviewed the books we’ve used and include links to all of the full in-depth reviews in one place to make it easier for you to read all about them! You’ll find the link to the Perfect Pieces Books page in the top menu bar on the Perfect Pieces website, labelled as – Books (see below!).

Perfect Pieces Book Review Page

One of the most popular place to buy books from is Amazon. They usually offer a pretty good service, and have a very wide range of Antique and Collectable books on offer from Price Guides, detailed Pottery books to general collector’s books and are certainly worth a look if you’re trying to find a certain book to purchase.

If you know of an interesting book we haven’t yet reviewed or indeed if you’ve written a book you think is related to the world of Antiques & Collectables and would like us to review it then do get in touch!

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Book Review: Scottish Pottery by Graeme Cruickshank

Until recently, if asked about Scottish Pottery, I would be forced to admit that I could not think of any except for Wemyss Ware, made by the Fife Pottery, and some later, individual studio potters.

Scottish Potteries, written by Grame Cruickshank & published by Shire Books
I certainly did not realise that Scotland did, at one point, have a substantial pottery industry, along the lines, if not the scale, of that which used to exist in Staffordshire, England. To my shame, names such as Buchan’s Pottery, Brittania Pottery and Bells of Glasgow were unknown to me.

Scottish Pottery tells the story of the Scottish pottery industry, from its relatively late foundation in the mid-18th century through to its early 20th century decline and the consequent establishment of the large number of small, studio potteries which are dotted around this most rural of the UK’s countries.

The author of Scottish Pottery is Graeme Cruickshank, an expert on Scottish pottery and former Chairman of the Scottish Pottery Society. His detailed knowledge of the subject is impressive, although the heyday of Scottish pottery production was short in comparison to English pottery, with industrial pottery production dying out in Scotland several decades before the equivalent decline of large potteries in Staffordshire began.

Scottish Pottery is a useful guide to the main 18th and 19th century potteries of Scotland and also introduces some of the smaller, studio potteries that have been founded and flourished in the latter half of the 20th century.

Buy Scottish Pottery direct from the publisher or on Amazon

Book Details

Title: Scottish Pottery
Author: Graeme Cruickshank
RRP: £5.99
Publisher: Shire Books
ISBN: 978-0-74780-639-4
Format: A5 paperback, 64 pages

Book Review: William De Morgan, Arts and Crafts Potter by Rob Higgins & Christopher Stolbert Robinson

No name is more intimately linked with Arts and Crafts pottery than that of William De Morgan. His work inspired many other potters and his pottery set an example of technical and artistic excellence that was followed by other notable British art potteries, such as Martin Brothers, Ruskin, Pilkington’s Royal Lancastrian and Burmantofts.

William De Morgan, by Rob Higgins and Christopher Stolbert Robinson
This slim volume from Shire Books tells the story of De Morgan’s life and work, from a childhood fascination with maps and drawings through to retirement and a successful second career as a novelist. The majority of the book looks at his ceramic work and the varied progress of his pottery business, and is lavishly illustrated with pictures of De Morgan’s work, which is highly-prized and scarce today.

If you are interested in British art pottery from the Arts and Crafts period, then a knowledge of De Morgan and his work is almost essential. This volume makes an excellent and enjoyable start to this journey and the photos alone are well worth the book’s RRP of £6.99.

Buy William De Morgan direct from the publisher or on Amazon

Book Details

Title: William De Morgan
Author: Rob Higgins and Christopher Stolbert Robinson
RRP: £6.99
Publisher: Shire Books
ISBN: 978-0-74780-738-4
Format: A5 paperback, 64 pages