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Troika Coffin, Troika Wheel & Troika Rectangle Vase – Our Latest Items

Three new pieces of Troika pottery have recently been added to the Perfect Pieces Troika pottery section, all pictured below:

Troika Pottery Coffin Vase - Beverley Ellwood Troika pottery Wheel vase Troika pottery Rectangular Vase Decorated by Louise Jinks

Troika Coffin vase, Troika Wheel vase & Troika Rectangular vase

The Troika Coffin vase has been decorated by Beverley Ellwood and has been painted in nice light colours allowing the pattern to really stand out. Click here for more details…

The Troika wheel is the small Troika wheel size and belongs to the textured range dating from c1970 to c1983. Click here for more details…

Finally, the striking Troika Rectangular vase is an impressive piece decorated by Louise Jinks. The abstract design has been picked out in bold colours really making it stand out from the crowd! Click here for more details…

We have a wide range of Troika pottery for sale including Troika marmalade vase, Troika cube vases and Troika Spice vases to name a few models.

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Troika Pottery Coffin Vases For Sale

If you’re looking for a Troika Pottery vase then why not take a look at the collectable Troika Pottery Coffin vases we currently have for sale (pictured below)?

The Troika Pottery started out in St Ives in Cornwall in 1963 and over the 20 years it remained open produced a wide range of art pottery from wall plaques, to smooth glazed decorative pieces to textured and rugged looking pottery pieces.

The Troika Coffin vase belongs to the textured range that the pottery produced and can be found with many different abstract patterns in a variety of colours.

The Coffin vase on the left has been decorated by Beverley Ellwood who started working at the Cornish pottery during the 1970s. The Coffin vase on the right was decorated by the collectable Teo Bernatowitz who only worked at the pottery for a short time around 1974. Both Coffin vases have the Troika Pottery black painted pottery mark to their base and are lovely examples from such a well-known and collectable pottery.

To see further pictures of these vases and the other Troika pottery pieces we currently have for sale, please – click here.