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Perfect Pieces Ruskin Vase on BBC Antiques Master!

Here at Perfect Pieces, we notched up our second ever television appearance last night – or at least, a piece of our stock did.

We have previously sold items to a Bargain Hunt team and last night one of our Ruskin vases appeared on the BBC Antiques Master program. This show, in case you haven’t seen it, is a kind of Mastermind for antiques – contestants have to answer questions on both their specialist antiques subject and on a wide variety of other antiques. They are then gradually eliminated to leave one winner, who will go through to the final of the series. It is presented by Sandy Toksvig with expert advice from Eric Knowles.

Last night’s episode featured our blue Ruskin Pottery vase in the final round of the show – a ‘fingers on buzzers’ round where the final two contestants battle it out. The Ruskin question did not relate specifically to our vase; the two contestants were asked in which decade the Ruskin Pottery was founded (the 1890s). Both contestants got it wrong unfortunately, but we knew!

The vase in question is a fairly late piece of Ruskin that is undated but probably dates from the 1920s. It has an impressive bulbous shape, stands 9″ tall and is decorated with a mottled matt and gloss blue glaze.

Ruskin Pottery Vase

For full details and more pictures of this Ruskin vase, click here.

Antiques Master is on BBC2 on Monday nights at 8.30pm – last night’s episode can be viewed on iPlayer until the 29th August – click here to see our Ruskin vase on Antiques Master.