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Antique & Collectable Television Programmes – Truth or Fiction?

Often, when out and about at antique fairs or auctions, you will hear people talking about Bargain Hunt, Flog it!, Cash In The Attic and other similar television programmes – hey you may even see them filming – and then you may start to wonder what it is all the about and whether what is shown in the programmes is really realistic.

TV programmes such as these where people take part in either finding antiques and collectables at car boots, antique fairs, antique centres to sell on or selling their own possessions having cleared out their house seem to have really taken off over the last 5 years.

With that, and auctions becoming a familiar territory for collectors and eBay continuing to grow it’s a never-ending and very accessible popular marketplace for everyone.

There are a few things to remember when you sit down with your cup of tea to watch these programs or switch on your computer to have a browse around eBay.

You do have to bear in mind that you may be watching a repeat that was recorded several years ago – and as with everything prices and the value of items change over time so they’re not necessarily a reflection of the value of the item on the day that you watch it! Also, auctions are like market places and don’t necessarily reflect the retail price – the price you might pay for something in a shop. Auction prices are usually a little lower than retail but on occasion they can go higher – if two bidders are determined to win an item.

So, whilst they can be interesting to watch and eBay can be a good place to gather a rough idea do bear in mind not everything is as it seems!

Can You Believe Anything You See On TV?

It would seem not – at least not when it comes to the BBC’s antique programmes.

We’ve had first-hand experience of the way that Bargain Hunt is staged – often (always?) the experts find, negotiate and buy the items for the programme, before briefing the contestants on the items and having the production crew tell them what to say on camera.

It’s hard to see what some of the contestants get out of the experience – other than simply being on TV.

The latest story to emerge regards the way in which auctions are filmed – in this case for Cash In The Attic. The News of the World has a story in which not only was film edited to show a man bidding on an item that he didn’t buy, but the footage used was actually of him bidding at a different auction!

To be honest, I think this story has been dredged up from somewhere, as I first heard about this type of thing some time ago – and the BBC now claim that they use a more honest system when filiming at auctions. Still, you can’t be sure – anyone for a phone-in competition?

You can see the full story on the News of the World website.