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Lovely Shelley Harmony Miniature Vase – Perfect For Christmas!

If you’re on the lookout for an unusual and collectable Christmas present for someone then why not take a look at this Art Deco styled lovely miniature Shelley vase?

Shelley Harmony vase - Miniature Shelley vase

This Shelley vase is English and elegantly shaped dating c1925-1945. With its bright vivid orange decoration detailed with abstract brown patterns it’s a very attractive vase. Unlike the majority of Shelley vases you might come across this is a dainty little vase only measuring 11cm tall!

Click here – To view more photographs of this Shelley vase

We have a wide range of collectables for sale – do remember if you’re looking for Christmas presents to order in plenty of time. The weather can often delay post from arriving on time and it looks as though the snow is approaching!

NEW STOCK – Gray’s Pottery Art Deco Plate

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces website is this super Gray’s Pottery plate decorated with a very Art Deco styled design:

Gray's Pottery Plate - Art Deco Style

Gray’s Pottery Plate

This decorative plate measure 27cm in diameter and is decorated with a very striking blue background and bold pink and purple flowers. It has been finished with fine detailing to the flower-heads and finally a gilt rim. It’s a lovely present for anyone if you’re starting to think about Christmas presents!

Remember, when Christmas shopping to get your orders in early – we can’t guarantee what stock we’ll have as the big day approaches. Buying Antiques is unpredictable not like deliveries to high street stores!

Happy Shopping!

Click here to view more information & photographs of this Gray’s Pottery plate

1930’s Poole Pottery Vase For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section is this super 1930’s Poole pottery vase:

This Poole vase is decorated in a traditional floral design with a hint of Art Deco to the style of flowers. On its base it has its incised shape number – model 198, the impressed Poole pottery mark, the pattern code YK, and the decorator’s mark. It can be dated to c1934-1937 as the base has the salmon pink slip painted onto it which was only used by the pottery during these years after the red-earthenware body had been discontinued.

Decorated in bright colours with banded designs at the top and bottom it is a very attractive vase.

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Super Shelley Pottery Vase For Sale

Shelley Pottery pieces can often offer a timeless elegance sometimes overlooked.

This super Shelley pottery vase has been decorated with three bands of green with pattern detail to the top band. This vase is very much like an elephants foot or onion in shape – a long stem with bulb at the bottom!

On it’s base it has the black printed Shelley England pottery mark dating it c1925 to 1945.

Click here to view further details on this Shelley vase

Remember…all Shelley pieces currently include FREE UK postage and packaging!

Burgess & Leigh Burleigh Ware Pottery

Originally opening back in 1851 the Staffordshire Burgess & Leigh pottery are probably best known for their Art Deco Burleigh Ware items.

With bright bold colours, stylish designs and bold patterns the Art Deco style was captured perfectly in the Burleigh Ware range and as a result is highly collected today.

Commonly collected are the popular Burleigh Ware jugs. These Art Deco style jugs have a range of patterns and different shape handles ranging from squirrels & parrots to the Piped Piper to name a few!

There are a few examples for sale on eBay – do remember to check out the items condition and authenticity before bidding. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller any questions or for further photographs. Make sure you’re clear of any postage charges and always check the sellers feedback to see how other buyers rate them before bidding or buying an item on eBay.

Art Deco Antique Fair – Chester Racecourse Sunday 8th February 2009

Anybody who’s into anything from the Art Deco period  – whether it’s pottery, jewellery, furniture, glass or lighting, should definitely pay a visit to the Art Deco Antique Fair at Chester Racecourse this Sunday, 8th February 2009.

Organised by Decorative Fairs (the new name of the popular Ann Zierold Fairs since Ann retired in 2007) the Art Deco fair at Chester Racecourse is one of four that they organise – the others being at Battersea Arts Centre, Wilmslow Leisure Centre and Leeds Grammar School.

The antique fair at Chester Racecourse opens at 10am and admission is £3. There is only one other fair at Chester Racecourse this year – the other being on Sunday 1st November 1st 2009.

Obviously given the weather we are having at the moment it is always wise to check that events are on before you set off out in your wellies and snow gear! For further information on this Art Deco fair and the other fairs that Decorative Fairs organise, please visit their website.

Art Deco Poole Pottery Vase Decorated by Ruth Pavely

New to our Poole Pottery section is this stunning art deco style Poole Pottery vase decorated in the lovely GB pattern and painted by Ruth Pavely. Ruth Pavely started as a paintress at the pottery in Poole and later became a Painting Shop Supervisor and then progressed further to become a Design Assistant/Head of Painting during her time at Poole Pottery.

This is an impressive vase displaying the pattern well over its bulbous body. Standing 6.5″ tall this vase is shape number 442 and is incised as such on its base. Decorated in the GB pattern originally designed by Truda Carter this pattern typically has elements of the Art Deco period with is swirling leaves and stylised flower-heads.

On the base is the artist mark of well-know Poole decorator Ruth Pavely. Throughout her time at the Poole Pottery she used several different marks, the mark on this Poole vase dates c1922 to 1937. This is a fine example of the quality and intricate detail that went into Poole Pottery patterns during the 1930s.

For further images of this superb vase, please – click here. If you do have any questions about this piece or any other pieces on our website then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

An Unusual Piece of Art Deco Maling

The Newcastle based Maling pottery produced some fine examples of pottery including some stunning lustre ware pieces decorated with exotic birds and windmills to name but a few. I have however just spotted a piece on eBay, it’s an example of real Art Deco styling. Decorated with pattern number 5495 this trumpet shape vase dates c1930-1932.

This example does have some stained crazing shown in the photographs by the seller, it’s obviously been used at some point in time! It might be wise to verify the condition with the seller before bidding, but it certianly would make an unsual addition to a Maling collection.

It’s definitely a vase that would stand out in the crowd!

Style & Function – An Art Deco Lover’s PC

Combining form and function isn’t always easy – and it certainly isn’t always very common in the world of computers. So what kind of computer can you buy for an Art Deco enthusiast who likes to buy antiques online?

How about one of these?

Stephenson’s beautiful wood-cased Art Deco-styled PC

(Picture borrowed from and copyright of Jeffrey Stephenson / slipperyskip.com)

This work of art is actually a fully-functional PC in a deceptively small case – take a look at the photos on Stephenson’s website to see the scale of the case compared to a drinks can.

Retired engineer Stephenson is legendary in custom PC circles for building beautifully finished, Art Deco inspried PCs. This unit is just one of several he has built and exhibited and is not for sale. He will build them to order – but expect a hefty price tag for such hand-finished loveliness.

Take a look at some of Stephenson’s other Art Deco-inspried PC designs here.