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Antiques Info November/December 2009 Out Now!

The November/December 2009 issue of Antiques Info magazine is now on sale.

This issue of the magazine has a new front cover design and includes feature articles on Collecting Sylvac & Sylvac Animals, Chinese Snuff Bottles, There’s money in purses! – Reticules & the development of the evening bag as well as a range of auction reviews, readers letters and a look at the Art market.

Antiques Info magazine is a bi-monthly magazine currently priced at £3.75. Subscriptions to the magazine are available which offer large discounts and can include access to the Gold Services on the Antiques Info website. These include access to a large auction results database, information & valuation services and further databases including UK Fairs & Auctions.

Antiques Info Magazine – Out Now!

The September/October 2009 edition of Antiques Info magazine is now out in shops.

Among the articles in this edition of the magazine is another 20th Century feature article from Roland Head.

This time Roland looks at the fabulous work of the famous English art potters – the Martin Brothers. In the article Roland examines the work of this highly regarded pottery and looks into the current state of the market. Featured alongside the article are many pictures of the stunning creations by the pottery kindly provided by AD Antiques. They show the diverse range of the pottery from grotesque animals to finely decorated vases and other decorative pieces.

As you’ll probably know Antiques Info is a bi-monthly magazine published six times a year. It currently retails at £3.60 a magazine.

Antique & Collectable Magazines

There are many resources available that help you expand your knowledge of antiques and collectables or that may help when you are on a mission to identify a particular piece or pottery. These include collecting clubs, websites, auctions (through being able to view and handle pieces) and antique fairs – where you may meet other like-minded people.

Books are also an essential source of information, but for keeping up with current events and broadening your knowledge of the industry, magazines can be very valuable, too. There are many antique & collectors magazines that cover a wide variety of areas – some are monthly and some bi-monthly. By having a subscription to your favoured magazine you can not only considerably reduce the cost but you are usually the first to receive them as soon as they are published – and you don’t have to troop out to the shops in the rain to pick it up – bonus!

I have listed a few of the main magazines on the market below to get you started!

Collect it! magazine is a monthly magazine and features a whole range of information each month with focused articles, club information and letters from fellow collectors. It also includes pieces written by Eric Knowles and Mark Hill – experts in their fields.

BBC Home & Antiques magazine is a magazine covering everything to enable you to create a stylish and original home. With feature articles and information on selected antiques for the home this magazine allows you to see how modern day homes can incorporate antiques.

Collectors Gazette is a monthly publication covering all aspects of childhood antiques and collectables. With auction highlights, event guides and price guides its packed full of collectors dreams!

And finally…but not least, Antiques Info. This is a bi-monthly magazine containing feature articles covering all aspects of antiques and collectibles. With auction calendars and antique fair calendars, a letters section and competition crossword it’s packed to the gills with information!

To search through a whole range of magazines and the amazing offers available when you sign up to a subscription then visit Unique Magazines website.

Perfect Pieces in Antiques Info Magazine

Perfect Pieces is in print again! This time in the March/April 2009 edition of the Antiques Info magazine.

The 20th Century ceramics feature article in this month’s Antiques Info by Roland Head looks at some of the manufacturing and decorating techniques used on decorative pottery.

The article starts by looking at the different methods used to shape clay such as hand throwing, modelling and jiggering before moving onto firing and the different decorating techniques used.

It’s illustrated throughout with photos of our past and present stock which brings to life some of the techniques Roland discusses in the article. It’s certainly a very interesting read.

For further information about Antiques Info magazine please see their website.

Clarice Cliff Feature Article In Antiques Info Magazine

The January/February 2009 edition of the Antiques Info magazine is now out and features another 20th Century ceramics feature article by Roland Head this time looking at the works of the infamous Clarice Cliff.

The edition’s article is illustrated with many interesting photographs of pieces of Clarice Cliff and is well worth a read through.

The Antiques Info magazine features a range of other information including recent auction results and an antique fair diary – always handy to have! It’s published 6 times a year (every two months) and is available at most good newsagents.

To see further information about this magazine please see the Antiques Info website for full details of all the services they offer.

Christmas Gift Idea – Antiques Info Magazine

Are you looking for a different sort of Christmas present this year for the antique lover in your life?

Instead of an antique or collectable, would you like to buy something different for a change? If so, then why not consider a subscription to the Antiques Info magazine?

Antiques Info magazine is published 6 times a year (every 2 months) so you’re never overwhelmed with piles of the magazine to read through -instead you look forward to the next issue. The magazine features a range of interesting sections including feature articles on a wide range of topics (regularly including 20th century ceramics), an Antique Fair and auction diary, auction price guides and readers questions about puzzling pieces, answered by the magazine’s in-house expert.

To find out more about Antiques Info magazine and the other subscription services they also offer, visit their website.

Royal Lancatrian Feature in Antiques Info

The November/December 2008 edition of Antiques Info magazine is now out and features an article on the Fine Art of Lustre: Royal Lancastrian Pottery by Roland Head.

An interesting article discussing the work of a truly magnificent pottery. It has some fabulous examples of the work of the pottery and is followed by two pages of past auctions results.

To subscribe to the Antiques Info magazine see their website for the different services on offer.

Shelley, Antiques Info & Perfect Pieces!

The September / October 2008 edition of the Antiques Info magazine is now out and the main 20th Century Ceramics feature article from Roland Head in this edition looks into Shelley and the different designers that worked there.

Roland looks at the work of Frederick Rhead and brothers Eric Slater and Walter Slater over the decades they worked at the Shelley factory. The article displays examples of their works and is most interesting to read.

Antiques Info not only provides feature articles and information on a wide range of pottery, glass and other collectable areas but also provides a comprehensive list of fairs and auctions for the coming months.

Antiques Info Moorcroft Feature

The main ceramics feature in the current (July/August) edition of Antiques Info magazine is the work of Roland Head, who’s the lesser half of Perfect Pieces!

The article focuses mostly on the work of William Moorcroft and the ongoing strength of the top end of the Moorcroft market. The folks at Antiques Info have dug deep into their archives and produced a great set of auction results and pictures of good quality Moorcroft – it’s well worth a look if you’re interested in one of the UK’s most successful and popular potteries (and one that’s still going strong today).

The July/August edition of the magazine is on the newstands now.

PenDelfin Market Feature in Antiques Info Magazine

This month’s Antiques Info magazine includes a feature article on the current state of the PenDelfin market – along with a full three pages of captioned photographs! You may recognise a few of these photographs – they were all provided by Perfect Pieces.

The article itself was written by the other half of Perfect Pieces, Roland Head, and is well worth a read for anyone interested in building a worthwhile collection of PenDelfin figurines.

This issue also has the first of a series of articles about collecting, written by the magazine’s editor, John Ainsley. This makes interesting reading for anyone who is just starting out in the world of antiques, or who is interested in improving the quality and value of their collection.

The PenDelfin article is in the May/June issue of Antiques Info magazine and it’s in newsagents now.