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Troika Pottery Cube Vases – Interesting Designs

In our Troika pottery section we have some really interesting Troika pottery Cube vases – pictured below.

The first one pictured is an early example of a Troika Cube vase. Dating from the St Ives period (pre-1970) this vase has the typical decoration of pieces of that time. This example has been decorated by Sylvia Vallence who worked at the pottery from c1967-1969.

Next is a Troika cube vase from the textured range decorated by Penny Black. This particular Troika vase is slightly later dating c1970-1976.

The third Troika Cube vase is one decorated in a blue base by Linda Taylor. Linda worked at the pottery from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s. This particular piece dates from the Newlyn period – dating it early 1970’s.

The final Troika Cube vase has been decorated in green this time by Anne Jones. Anne only worked at the pottery for a short time and only part time from 1976-1977. This particular example has an almost oriental motif on one side.

Here you can see the wide range of different styles and colours available in just the Troika Cube vase. Remember, all Troika pottery prices currently include FREE UK postage & packaging!

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Troika Pottery – Coffin or Slab vase? Anne Jones or Alison Brigden?

Troika Pottery Coffin Vase

We have just added two new Troika pottery vases to our site – a Troika Coffin vase and a Troika Slab vase. Which do you prefer?!

Troika Pottery Slab Vase

Originally starting out in the picturesque town of St. Ives in Cornwall and later moving to new premises at Newlyn, Troika pottery pieces come in many shapes and sizes. Both the Coffin vase and the Slab vase belong to what is known as the textured range produced by the pottery until it closed in 1983.

These two examples are both rather striking examples with vivid colour decorations and interesting pattern designs. They are both also fully marked to the base with the black painted Troika pottery mark and each have a decorator’s mark. The Coffin vase has been decorated by Anne Jones – Anne only worked at the pottery for a short time from 1976 to 1977 and she was part-time at that as well! The Slab vase has been decorated rather spendidly by Alison Bridgen. The blue base of this vase really brings out the unusual patterns on both sides.

Don’t forget, all our Troika pottery prices DO include UK postage and packaging by Royal Mail Special Delivery – so it’s guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm if you’re in need of an urgent purchase!