Afternoon Tea? Try This Delicate Ruskin Cup & Saucer

If you’re a fan of teacups and saucers or simply collect Ruskin pottery then you should definitely check out this superb lustre Ruskin pottery cup and saucer

Ruskin lustre cup and saucer

Ruskin lustre cup and saucer

Made at the start of the 1900’s (1922 to be precise) this teacup and saucer is extremely fine and delicate and has been decorated with a lilac lustre glaze.

On its base both the cup and saucer have the Ruskin pottery mark and the cup has the date stamp for 1922.

This piece is certainly very different to the large and heavy Ruskin pottery vase we also have in stock.

Ruskin pottery vase

Ruskin pottery vase

This vase is a large heavy piece marked with the Ruskin England impressed pottery mark on the base – you couldn’t get two pieces more different!

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