Book Review: The Backstamps of Fielding’s Crown Devon, by Alan H. Roberts

The Backstamps of Fielding's Crown Devon by Alan H. Roberts

Backstamps are an essential aid to dating and identifying antique and collectable ceramics — but finding reliable and detailed information on pottery backstamps is often a challenge for both collectors and dealers.

Even in this digital age, books remain the best way to find this information and for Crown Devon collectors, one such book is The Backstamps of Fielding’s Crown Devon. This is a 30-page pamphlet written by long-time Fielding’s collector Alan Roberts, and published by the Fielding’s Crown Devon Collectors’ Club.

As the title suggests, The Backstamps is devoted solely to backstamps and is an excellent reference guide for anyone wanting to know about Fielding’s backstamps in comprehensive detail. Alan discusses the backstamps in considerable detail as well as providing many pictures of the different marks used. This book covers a wider range of Crown Devon marks than Godden’s Encylopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks and includes a few that are not included in Susan Hill’s most excellent Crown Devon: The History of S. Fielding & Co..

The Backstamps of Fielding’s Crown Devon is also very affordable, at just £3.50 including free UK postage. This really is a bargain for the amount of information provided and for anyone who is only interested in Crown Devon, it makes a far more sensible purchase than Godden’s £30+ encyclopaedia.

Usefully, this book also covers the backstamps used on new Crown Devon pottery, which is not Fielding’s but is sometimes sold as such — whether deliberately or due to the seller’s ignorance.

Highly recommended.

Book information:
Title: The Backstamps of Fielding’s Crown Devon
Author: Alan H. Roberts
Publisher: The Fielding’s Crown Devon Collectors’ Club
Price: £3.50 inc. UK P&P

To buy a copy, visit:

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