Book Review: Crown Ducal Snow Glaze, by Ian Newton

It’s harder than you might think to produce a unique and useful reference guide, but I believe that Ian Newton has done exactly that with his book Crown Ducal Snow Glaze.

It’s an A5-size, 52-page guide to the ‘snow glaze’ pottery designs produced by Charlotte Rhead for A.G. Richardson from 1935 to 1939 and sold under the Crown Ducal Ware branding.

The majority of the book is taken up with an illustrated guide to all known snow glaze patterns. These are listed in numerical order, and each pattern is illustrated — where the author was unable to find a photo, he has digitally recreated the pattern for collectors to use as a guide.

Crown Ducal Snow Glaze by Ian Newton

Unlike some books of this type, Crown Ducal Snow Glaze is printed on high quality glossy paper, is well laid out, and the photos are sharp and accurately reproduced, making them a pleasure to browse.

For anyone who collects or trades in Charlotte Rhead’s snow glaze designs, this book is an essential reference guide and well worth the modest purchase price. Highly recommended.

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Book title: Crown Ducal Snow Glaze Tableware and Decorative Pottery
Author: Ian Newton
ISBN: 9780957146501
Format: A5 paperback, 52 pages
Price: £9.50 (£10.70 inc. UK P&P)

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