Book Review: Ceramics of the 1950s by Graham McLaren

This review features another of Shire Books’ A5-sized books on British pottery. Ceramics of the 1950s does exactly what the title suggests and provides an introduction to the ceramics of the 1950s and to the political, cultural, economic and technical factors that were behind its development.

Ceramics of the 1950s by Graham McLaren
Both tableware and decorative wares are included, although the bias is towards tableware. Author Graham McLaren is very knowledgeable and the book is easy to read and follow. The role of new technology and social changes in the designs of the 1950s is explained and plenty of examples of collectable 1950s ceramics are provided from most of the main British potteries of the time.

Ceramics of the 1950s is one of Shire Books’ older titles – this means that although it has had a new cover in recent years, the internal layout and presentation of the book are somewhat dated and the quality of the pictures is not as high as in newer titles.

Despite this, it is clear to read, the information is good and the pictures are useful. This book is an ideal introduction to 1950s ceramics and is well worth a fiver if you would like to start learning about or collecting pottery from this era.

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Book Details

Title: Ceramics of the 1950s
Author: Graham McLaren
RRP: £5.99
Publisher: Shire Books
ISBN: 978-0747803362
Format: A5 paperback, 40 pages

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