Identifying Your Pottery Item – Pottery Marks Galore!

If you have a piece of pottery you’re trying to identify then why not use some of the resources on the Perfect Pieces website?

We have a range of Pottery Resources that are FREE to use including a very handy Pottery Marks guide. So if you have a piece of pottery with a mark on you might want to check our Pottery Marks Guide to see if you can identify it that way. However, if your piece of pottery doesn’t have a pottery mark on it anywhere then you could use our Recently Sold Pottery Guide to have a  look through some of the different pottery manufacturers we deal with and see if you can match either your exact item or one very similar to items we may have sold in the past.

After all that if you still can’t identify your item then simply drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help or otherwise you might want  to try looking through some books in your local library or talking to an expert at an antique fair or auction house.

When you’ve discovered where and when you item was made you might like to read a little more about the pottery, here’s where you will find our Guide To British Potteries handy. Here we have tried to include many of the potteries we have dealt with in the past and outlined to the best of our knowledge a little of the history about them.

So, with all that we hope we are able to help you find out a little more about your collectables!


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