Identifying Pottery – The Perfect Pieces Appraisal & Valuation Service

We get lots of enquiries and phone calls about items of pottery you have or have come across which is why we created the Perfect Pieces Pottery Appraisal and Valuation Service.

This is an online service where, after receiving pictures from you of the piece you want to know more about, we will do our best to provide you with the following information:

  • Information about the item itself
  • Background information about the pottery it was made by
  • An approximate valuation.

To see full details of this valuation service, please – click here.

We do get alot of telephone calls asking for valuations and information about pieces of pottery and figurines you try to describe to us over the telephone.

Whilst we appreciate that not everyone has the facility to email digital photographs or send us a real photograph through the post, unfortunately we are unable to offer valuations over the telephone – it just isn’t possible to provide an accurate appraisal of a piece from a verbal description. Sorry!

20 thoughts on “Identifying Pottery – The Perfect Pieces Appraisal & Valuation Service

  1. Mrs Bloomer

    My father is looking to get a valuation in respect of a set of 12 sailing ship tankards by danbury mint.
    Is there anywhere that i can possibly take them to get valued as i dont have the facility to place photos online.

  2. teresanorish

    Dear Sir

    I have a E Radford dish in the shape of an oblong leaf, its pale blue with anenomes painted on it. On the back it also says handpainted and the letters JNE. Please could you tell me if its worth hanging on to this.

    Thanking you

    Teresa Norish (Mrs)

  3. Joann Buehler

    I have a vintage vase given to me by my grandmother. Its base is marked “Royal Haeger R33 USA,” and is a leaf pattern in a mottled mauve and blue glaze. It is 13″ tall. She purchased it in the early to mid-1950s. How can I learn its value?

  4. Jane Waldron

    I have a russian teapot with a handle attached over the top of it,a design I think is called ‘east’. Two gold designs on the bottom and seperate blue letters that could possibly be – F ‘b’or an 8 followed by a tiny t.Then HCAEB??? Any help? Thank you.

  5. Ivan Burrows

    I am trying to identiyfy a pottery mark for my mothering law. It is a letter A imposed over a letter W or maybe a letter W imposed over a letter A. Under this is the word ITALY.

    Can anyone help please

  6. sheila sheills

    i have 2 radford vases 5half inches in height hand painted can you give me app. valuation thank you

  7. sally

    I don’t know if anyone will be able to help me or point me in the right direction, any useful websites or links would be greatly appreciated.
    I have a Kensington vase with the Staffordshire knot mark at the base.
    It has the name “GLORIA” Kensington, then the Staffordshire knot has the initials KPB within the loops.
    I understand that the letter B in the knot stands for Burslem, but I have no way of dating the vase as I cant seem to find the exact knot mark anywhere on the internet.
    The knot mark reads.

    KPB (within knot loops)

    Please let me know if you know about Staffordshire Pottery or if you know the year it was made, or the value.
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you and Kind regards.

  8. ian

    hello i have a cylvac dish with the date 1887 on the back of it please could i have some advise on what its worth if anything

    thank you

  9. jane creasey

    I would like to know if the recent george 6th 1951 serving bowl made by Newhall pottery has any value?

  10. Ms Kelly

    I would like to know if a large cream/bisque coloured oval table wear/serving bowl bearing the marks G. VI R. 1949 ADAMS has any worth as I’ve been told it has value.
    Thank You.

  11. mrs twigger

    i have a crown devon sf&co dish which belonged to my gran i wonder if it would be worth keeping as im having a clear out

  12. john

    hi i have 2 platters 1 large stamped F& SONS LTD WEIR BURSLEM ENGLAND and i have a serving bowl stamped the same do they have any vaule

  13. Mrs. Ivin

    Hello, we would like to know if there is any value on a 4-piece Jug/bowl set, it is pale blue, with darker blue roses painted on them, Royal Staffordshire Pottery-GLOIRE. Also, a teapot, and six cups/saucers, Alfred Meakin, there is a lady painted on it, with Pinkie written beside her. Many thanks..



  15. Catherine


    Not sure if anyone can help me I have some pink pottery that I have been given. One is a pink watering can with pink and yellow flowers and is stamped on the bottom Sherwood Pottery Staffordshire. I have tried looking on the internet but unable to find anything. Can you advise if it would be of any value?

  16. karren featherstone

    i have an art deco style vase,it is 10inc wide and 7inchs deep,it is burnt orange and has the number 10920 it has some more numbers and a name i carnt read written in black,the other numbers are carved into the pottery any ideas please

  17. Suzanne Ryan

    We have a Royal Staffordshire Mayflower Pattern Plate Set comprising one large plate and four small plates. Photos are available. Believe that it could have been manufactured around 1928. Could you please advise an approximate value.

  18. Linda Coldicott

    I have a beautiful Vase I think between 1793 to 1813 The large red blue purple flowers seem faded when made it has a dark green band also dark blue handles the paint looks like the glase has run.
    On the base mark Royal British pottery a small blue 24 and not sure looks abit like D&6/—car’t read I am sure I once seen a vase like this on TV for the age it has no chips or cracks and just sits on my kitchen windowsill.

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