Identifying Pottery Marks – The Options Available

If you’ve got a piece of pottery you’ve discovered and are interested in finding out more about it then you’re probably wondering how to do it! Well, here are a few options to help you get started:

  1. You could try having a looking through the Perfect Pieces Online Pottery Marks Guide – click here;
  2. If you have no luck there then have a look through some of the books available on our Books Page. We’ve found these to be quite comprehensive and very worthwhile.
  3. If you’re still none the wiser then try contacting your local auction house. These will often have valuation days where you can take your item along and have someone look over it, they may be able to help.

If you do manage to find out what you’re looking for then that’s great – let us know how you did it & if you have any tips for our other readers.

1 thought on “Identifying Pottery Marks – The Options Available

  1. hughes

    Do you recognise s ymbol that is similar to \ \V and a sloping line that makes the V look like half an arrow? About 70’s I think. Unglazed pottery in milk chocolate at the top to s stone in colour.

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