Identifying British Pottery Marks

People are becoming more and more interested in finding out about the items of pottery and porcelain they have in their homes today. Some are interested to see if it has any value others just want to know the history of an item that may have been in their family for some time. For these reasons we started to collate all the pottery marks we had images of and created the Perfect Pieces Pottery Marks Guide.

The Perfect Pieces Pottery Marks Guide is currently a free to use online guide made up of photographs of real pottery marks from objects we have sold over the years. Viewing an actual photograph example of a pottery mark allows you to see any tiny variations or imperfections that pottery marks may have had – things that are hand-made are rarely what people class as perfect!

It is by no means complete and we are adding to it all the time, so do feel free to email us any pottery marks you have on items that we don’t. If they fit within one of our pottery collections we’ll be sure to add the mark to our database with a credit to you.

To visit our Pottery Marks Guide, please – click here.

If you’re trying to identify an object and still have no look after looking through our Pottery Marks Guide then why not try flicking through one of the Pottery Marks Books that are currently on the market. We have worked with several of these including the Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks by Geoffrey A. Godden
and can certainly recommend them.

Click Here To See A Selection of Pottery Mark Books

1 thought on “Identifying British Pottery Marks

  1. lynn

    I have a piece of pottery with the markings MB on the base, could you tell me if possible who’s initials they could be. thank you.

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