Help With Packaging Ceramics, Pottery & Glass

If you’re wanting to post pottery, ceramics or glass or even simply store some bits away at home in your loft then you’ll probably need tissue paper, bubble wrap, boxes and tape to name just a few bits!

I often wrap pieces in tissue paper first then in bubble wrap. The tissue paper can help protect any delicate decoration or gilding on the item from being worn or pulled off by the bubble wrap (this does of course depend on what the item is).

Often, packagaing stores may have an Antiques & Fine Art Department. This groups together all the kind of things you’ll need when packing antiques and collectables – including bubble wrap, a whole range of different sorts of tissue paper, variety of tapes including Fragile of course, corner and edge protectors and of course boxes!

If you have any tips on wrapping, posting or storing your antiques and collectables then go ahead leave us a comment so fellow readers can benefit from your experience.

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