Poole Pottery PRB Pattern – Contemporary & Stylish

New to our Poole Pottery section is another piece from the PRB pattern range originally designed by the well-known Alfred Read in the mid 1950’s. This massive Poole dish/charger is the perfect piece to display the pattern with the belly of the piece providing the perfect surface to display the intertwining pattern in its full.

This Poole charger is shape number 920 and is approximately 13″ in diameter – quite a piece! Hand-painted the dish shows how advanced the pottery was, producing stylish and creative pieces in the 1950’s and 1960’s that don’t look out of place in today’s modern homes.

We also currently have a Poole pottery lamp-base in this lovely Poole pattern. Another large piece, this Poole lamp base stands 11″ tall and again with a simple shade of cream/straw/beige this lamp would sit among the finest of today’s modern collectables.

To see further details about these two stunning pieces of Poole Freeform or to view the rest of our collection of Poole pottery items – click here.

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