Contemporary Poole Pottery Freeform Vase – Perfect Christmas Gift

We have just added this stunning contemporary Poole Pottery Freeform vase to our website:

Poole Freeform Vase PGS pattern, Alfred Read

Poole Pottery contemporary ware vase by Alfred Read

This Poole Pottery vase stands around 25cm tall and is perfect for everyday use, if you’re looking for a usable collectable! It has been decorated with the PGS pattern, which was designed by the pottery’s leading designer, Alfred Read, and is very modern in style and design.

Dating from the late 1950’s, this Freeform vase is instantly recognisable, and its sleek shape and distinctive 1950s pattern, which features a stylised plant design and coloured bands, still look good today and will work well with most modern homes and furniture.

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Poole Pottery is very popular with collectors of all designs. Over the years it has produced a vast range of styles and the pottery’s quality of design and production is always evident.

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