A Look At The PenDelfin Rabbit Family

If you take a look at our PenDelfin rabbit section you’ll see a whole host of rabbits and accessories ranging from small and large rabbits to books and display stands. The PenDelfin rabbit family have been entertaining people since the 1950’s and continue to do so today.

If you’re look at building up your own PenDelfin family then you’ll need a mother and father, aunt and uncle some shops and houses and of course some little rabbits to get you started!

Over the years models were developed and changed, new rabbits were introduced whilst others were retired from production. To get your head around the whole collection you could try looking through the Pendelfin Collector’s Handbook. This book illustrates the range of rabbits, stands, plaques and other items made by the PenDelfin pottery.

To get you started I have included below some pictures of the first PenDelfin Mother and PenDelfin Father. Over the years these rabbits were remodelled and different versions were produced making this pair the earliest.

PenDelfin Thin Neck MotherRare PenDelfin Dungaree Father

PenDelfin Thin Neck Mother c1956 and PenDelfin Dungaree Father c1955-1960

So, if you’ve decided to start collecting PenDelfin rabbits or are looking at extending your current collection, view our full current collection of PenDelfin rabbits – here.

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  1. Agata

    I have two old PenDelfin Rabbits I would like to sell them but I dont, know how and to who

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