Stella Ashbrook Pendelfin Auction, April 21st

The 21st April saw the annual Stella Ashbrook (Pendelfin Collector’s Handbook author) PenDelfin auction, this year in Chester and featuring a fair mixture of old, new, rare and unique PenDelfin, as well as some of Jean Walmsley Heap’s own pre-PenDelfin artwork.

Jean (JWH) was there, as were a reasonable number of enthusiastic collectors and dealers, although perhaps not so many as in years gone by.

Although there were quite a few older pieces, for me, one of the surprises and highlights of the sale was this piece:

Original PenDelfin Fairy Shop Plaque, signed by JWH

Reverse of Pendelfin Fairy Shop plaque, signed by Jean Walmsley Heap

This is the original 1953 PenDelfin Fairy Plaque – the second piece of PenDelfin ever to be made. The plaque was the result of much hard work by Jeannie Todd and JWH in Jeannie’s kitchen – as described
and pictured on page 16 of The Pendelfin Story, by Jean Walmsley Heap. The hammer eventually came down at £1900, which didn’t seem excessive for a unique, early piece like this.

An added attraction was its provenance – JWH’s personal collection – and the fact it was signed by Jean as well.

We were able to get a few photos of some of the more unusual pieces, so here is a taster if you weren’t able to make it on the day:

PenDelfin Juliet Wall Plaque, by Jean Walmsley Heap

This unusual Juliet plaque went for bottom estimate at £300 and had an unusual silver label (see the Pendelfin section of our pottery marks guide)

PenDelfin Metallion Flying Witch Plaque, Doreen Noel Roberts

A rare Metallion Flying Witch Plaque, from the late Doreen Noel Robert’s personal collection (as were many of the more unusual pieces). The hammer came down at £160 on this one.

PenDelfin Cyril Squirrel

Another one from DNR’s collection – a bit worn, but one of the rarest characters around – Cyril Squirrel. £380 hammer price.

PenDelfin Rheingold Lamp Base

Doreen’s own rare Rheingold Lamp Base, in reasonable condition with just a few paint flakes, this fetched a handsome £700.

Jean Walmsley Heap original art Tommy Tweet

Some of Jean Walmsley Heap’s original paintings – these for the Tommy Tweet series of children’s stories.

All hammer prices were subject to a 20% premium.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day out, and it was encouraging to see the enthusiasim of the collectors who were present – while many of them were of slightly more mature years (hmm), there were some younger buyers too! Here’s looking forward to next year’s sale.

10 thoughts on “Stella Ashbrook Pendelfin Auction, April 21st

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  2. Angela Meadows

    I have a rheingold lamp in excellent condition for sale if anyone wishes to purchase it from me. Photos can be sent.
    Given to me by my late mother, it was a wedding present to her back in the 1950’s, she did not like it and it stayed in a cupboard for the past 50 odd years. infact it is still kept away in a cupboard, hence the perfect condition and non faded colouring.
    I can be contact via my mobile on 07857 897 013

    Many thanks
    Angela Meadows

  3. Miss Ashley Crews

    I have a collection of over 150 pendelfin’s ranging from very old to the newer one’s… I would like to sell these. Could anyone possibly tell me where as i have had no luck so far.

  4. Anita Brown

    I have lots of pendelfin rabbits, dog aunties , uncles etc in a box and would like to sell them as I am moving house. Some are in good condition and others with some damage. Can anyone help me?

  5. joy tadd

    hi i am moving to a smaller house and need to sell my very large collection of pendelfins . can anyone help with this

  6. carole blacklock

    Hi, i have a rhinegold lamp given to my grandma from jeanie todd, [my gran worked at pendelfin in the early days]this lamp doesnt have a wooden base.and is in good condition.i also have a stone dragon candle holder and wondered if they were of interest to anyone.

  7. Madeline Lacaille

    I am in possession of a pastel painting done by Jane Walmaley Heap which she gave to my grandmother. My grandmother was Jean,s mother
    sister. I was given this painting many years ago. The painting is of a seashore scene done in pastels and signed by Jean. I have no idea when it was done but it could possibly be painted in her early career. I would like to hear from someone who could evaluate it for me.
    I do have a photo on my computer that I could email if requested.
    Many thanks

  8. linda schofield

    My mother was one of the first painters at Pendelfin. I have the story of Pendelfin which has been signed by Jean Walmsley Heap and it actually has both my parents in the book as my father had a taxi business. I also have Mr papingays ship which was illustrated by Jean and actually given to me by Jean in the 1950’s when I was a child. Are they worth anything

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