PenDelfin Tammy Puppy Dog A Rival For Pooch!

To keep the PenDelfin Pooch dog on his toes we have just added a PenDelfin Tammy Puppy dog to our PenDelfin section.

Early PenDelfin Dog Pooch

Retired PenDelfin Tammy Puppy Dog

The PenDelfin Tammy dog was designed by the well-known Jean Walmsley Heap back in the late 1950s. He is a white puppy dog sitting looking up and wears a coloured collar – his collar can be found in many colours this one is a pinkish-red colour. He finally retired from production in c1987 the same year as the PenDelfin Pooch dog.

The two PenDelfin dogs, Pooch and Tammy are nice to have within a PenDelfin collection as they add some variety between all the rabbit models!

For further photographs of this PenDelfin pottery Tammy – please click here, and for further details on this lovely PenDelfin Pooch Dog – click here.

1 thought on “PenDelfin Tammy Puppy Dog A Rival For Pooch!

  1. Vince

    My Mom has a Pendelfin “tammy” dog. Is there a way to tell what year it was made and how much it is worth?

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