PenDelfin Family Circle Collectors Club Rabbits

The PenDelfin Family Circle has been going since 1992 offering collectors of PenDelfin rabbits a home they could call their own!

Each year the PenDelfin club issues a membership gift – a rabbit especially for members of the club  and also a model of the year – another rabbit specially for the Family Circle that members are able to purchase throughout that year of membership.

If you missed out being a member of the club since it started then you should check out our PenDelfin rabbit section as we have a specialist section of PenDelfin Family Circle rabbits.

New additions to this section include the PenDelfin Family Circle Founder member pieces, Herald and Bosun in their original boxes.

The PenDelfin Herald was designed by PenDelfin founder herself Jean Walmsley Heap and Bosun was designed by Doreen Noel Roberts. These were available to PenDelfin club members only in the first year of the club, c1992.

Click here to view all the PenDelfin rabbits we currently have for sale

2 thoughts on “PenDelfin Family Circle Collectors Club Rabbits

  1. xenia tyrimou

    To whom it may concern i have quite a lot of pendilfins and am looking to sell them i live in cyprus would you be interested in seeing them i could take photos and send them to you – if you are not perhaps you could help me in selling them.

    Many thanks
    Xenia Tyrimou

  2. Tess

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are unable to help and don’t sell items on behalf of people. We also don’t know of any contacts in Cyprus we can point you in the direction of. Sorry to be no help.

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