PenDelfin Cornish Prayer….two to choose from!

It’s like waiting for a bus, you stand around for ages and then two always come at once! The same came be said for PenDelfin Cornish Prayers on eBay at the moment!

The Cornish Prayer figurine from PenDelfin was originally designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap. He is one of the very early PenDelfin figurines and was originally produced in 1962 and produced for just 3 years. He’s a rather strange little fellow; peaking out from beneath his bed covers he certainly adds variety to a collection.

On eBay at the moment there are two to choose from! The first one appears to be in relatively good condition with a few nibbles here and there but looks to still have good colouring. He has his green felt and both PenDelfin labels – including the Ghoulies label which is always rather nice.

The second one seems a little worse with some nibbles and small chips, and in places looks as though he may have been over-painted (this might be worth checking with the seller).

Whichever one you choose make sure you are confident about the condition before bidding. Don’t be afraid to ask for further photographs or condition descriptions if you are unsure. eBay offers the buyer lots of choice but always be careful when buying not everything is as good as it seems!

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