“No PenDelfin Auction Sale This Year” – Stella Ashbrook

For enthusiastic PenDelfin collectors and dealers from all over the UK (and further), the annual PenDelfin Auction has long been a keenly-anticipated and enjoyable event. Organised by Stella Ashbrook (the author of the definitive PenDelfin Collector’s Handbook), the auctions have always provided a chance to view and buy some of the rarest and most interesting pieces of PenDelfin, as well as to meet other like-minded collectors.

We attended last year’s PenDelfin auction, at Chester – you can see pictures of some of the pieces that were for sale here. The sale was attended by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and seemed quite successful.

However, this year there is not going to be a PenDelfin Auction, according to a message posted by Stella Ashbrook on the PenDelfin Collectables Message Board. According to Stella’s message, there will be a selection of PenDelfin for sale at Byrnes Auctioneers in Chester on 16th April, but no full-scale auction.

Now I’m even more glad we went last year! Hopefully the auction will resume in 2009, but I won’t be holding my breath, as the sale and subsequent offshoring of the factory means that the company doesn’t have the same kind of presence in the UK that it once had – nor the quality output, sad to say.

In the meantime, here’s an example of the kind of piece we saw at last year’s auction – and have seldom seen anywhere else (For more PenDelfin, click here to see our selection of PenDelfin for sale):

PenDelfin Phynnodderee Miniature A Series Plaque

13 thoughts on ““No PenDelfin Auction Sale This Year” – Stella Ashbrook

  1. Debbie Norman

    hi i have 2 real unpainted pendelfin rabbits and wanted to no what they are wortyh and maybe looking to sell, but after the fire they had none of the originals as they all went up in smoke and they said in there book. im wanting to no any info on them would be very welcome…

    THanks very much


  2. candace

    hello: i am writing from Britsh Columbia in canada. i too would like to find out what my pendelfin figurines are worth. i have 10 of them and am going to advertise them here for sale but i don’t know what to charge.

    thank you for your time….candace

  3. Stuart

    Hi, I have a pendelfin rabbit.The rabbit is holding a fishing net and standing next to a pond with a fish sticking its head out of the water.I cannot find this piece anywhere and do not know what it is called when i try to sell it.Please help if you know this figure and how much it may be worth.Many thanks Stuart.

  4. Jackie Dinges

    I have a large collection of Pendelfins from the 70’s, 80’s with several of the large pieces still in the original boxes. I need to sell them, hopefully as a group. I can provide a complete list to anyone who is interested. Prices will be very reasonable.



  6. Katherine

    I have just found 7 Pendelphins and wondered where I could sell them or if anybody could tell me what they are worth. They are:
    Muncher – reg no. 919 682
    Whopper -reg. no. 989 934
    Rocky – reg. no.
    The Thumper – reg. no. 930 352 accompanied with a piano and a plant in a pot
    Peeps – reg. no 924 864
    Dodger -reg. no. 915 112
    Poppet – reg. no. 915 533
    Picnic Midge – reg. no. 919 683

    Any advice on where I could get a good price would be appreciated.

    I hope someone can help


  7. L. Lawrence

    I have a large collection of pendelfin rabbits to sell. could you please inform me of the best way to sell them.

  8. Kim Levis

    I have a very large collection of Pendelfin Rabbits plus large pieces and original boxes. Emigration forces sale of my beloved collection. Is there anybody out there interested or can I try an auction?

  9. Mandy Gunby

    I have a large collection of Pendelfin Rabbits, houses, stands and limited editions that I would like to sell to a good home. I would prefer to sell them as a singe lot . Any suggestions of where I could sell them would be appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Perfect Pieces Post author

    Hello Mandy, Thank you for your email. You could always try visiting a local antique fair or an auction house. They often have valuation days and may be able to help you. Hope this helps, Kind regards, Teresa

  11. mark edward kirby

    i have a large collection of Rabbits and themes for sale. ie: Bandstand, school house etc, etc.
    Could you please contact me for best place to sell these items

  12. eert851

    Hello Mark, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately at the moment we’re not looking to purchase any PenDelfin collections. Kind regards, Perfect Pieces

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