Rare PenDelfin Father Mouse

NEW STOCK – PenDelfin Father Mouse For Sale

This is a fantastic PenDelfin Rabbit Father mouse figurine designed by Jean Walmsley Heap that we have recently added to the Perfect Pieces website:

PenDelfin Rabbit Mouse FigurineThis PenDelfin mouse figurine was only produced by the PenDelfin Studios from c1961 until 1966 making him one of the desirable early additions to the PenDelfin family. The PenDelfin Mouse family consisted of Father mouse, Mother mouse and Lollipop mouse!

If you’re looking for some early or retired PenDelfin rabbits then we have a wide selection of small PenDelfin rabbits, the larger figurines such as the PenDelfin Father rabbits and PenDelfin Mother rabbits and also many collectable PenDelfin brochures and PenDelfin display stands for sale. Click here to see out current stock of PenDelfin for sale…

If you’re looking for a specific PenDelfin rabbit for either your PenDelfin collection or as a gift then just let us know…

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