New PenDelfin Bunnies added to the warren!

We have just added three new retired PenDelfin rabbit pieces to our PenDelfin section. These include PenDelfin Dodger rabbit, the PenDelfin Bath Tub (perfect for Barney rabbit!) and an early PenDelfin dog Pooch.

All three pieces are in lovely condition and offer windows into the different types of pieces PenDelfin produced – rabbits, dogs and little stand-alone display items.

Dodger was designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and retired from production in 1995. Both the PenDelfin Bath Tub and the PenDelfin Pooch Dog were designed by Doreen Noel Roberts. The Bath Tub was only in production for around 8 years in the late 1960s early 1970s so is quite an early piece of PenDelfin. Similarly the PenDelfin Pooch was first introduced in the early 1960s. This example of Pooch has more of an unusual coat with a slightly older-fashioned pattern on. A lovely little piece.

To view more information about all of these PenDelfin pieces please – click here.

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