PenDelfin Designer Doreen Noel Roberts Dies

One of Pendelfin’s leading designers, Doreen Roberts, has died, aged 77. She first met Pendelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap through the Burnley Art Society, which she joined in the late 1940s. Doreen subsequently joined the Pendelfin team and was responsible for many memorable rabbit designs, including Jingle, Muncher and Phumf.

PenDelfin MuncherPenDelfin Castle Tavern StandPenDelfin Whopper with Silver Brim



Doreen was also responsible for many of the Pendelfin display stands, including Castle Tavern, the highly collectable Christmas Scene (only made for one year) and Cobble Cottage.

Doreen Noel Roberts continued to work at Pendelfin right up until the company’s sale in March 2006, when UK production of the rabbits ceased and the company’s Burnley premises closed.

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